17 Best Voice Recorder That Transcribes To Text App

17 Best Voice Recorder That Transcribes To Text App

A voice recorder that transcribes word to text saves time and energy. Typing words one after the other can be a tedious work at times, especially if what you want to type is many.

Imagine the amount of time you will save yourself if you can say the information and an app will do the work for you.

On the page, you will see some voice recorder apps that transcribes voice to text. Read through to the end of the page so as to know the best app that suits you.


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Voice Assistant

This app justifies its name; it is an app that assists you with your voice.

Its features are fast and straightforward. You don’t need to look for copy button after using the app, it has a feature that auto copy what is transcribed.

Another good thing about the app, you can send your transcribed text to the printer. Assuming you are in your office or room, just connect to your wireless printer and talk to your phone.

This app is intelligent because it becomes more and more familiar with your voice as time goes on. It learns your voice and uses it to serve you better.

And final before we move to the next app, Voice Assistant corrects any grammar mistake you make and also has a word suggestion feature.

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Speech To Text

The second voice recorder that transcribes to text app on this list is the speech to text. It is simple and does its two functions greatly.

What are these two functions?

Converts your voice to text and sends the text as mail to SMS. The interface is not the best but this app deserves a credit when it comes to the main function.

Speech To Text recognize many languages and it processes your voice quickly. The number of languages it supports does not keep it from serving you quickly.

Voice Text by Mathew Rice

Here comes the third app. Voice Text, just like the second app above, has a distinct aim aside converting voice to text.

The aim is to give an environment where users can receive or send messages by voice or typing. It doesn’t use any special command words; you just need to press the main button to start the voice to text function.

Below are some other apps that transcribe your voice to text.

Voice Text By TalirApps

TalkBox Voice Messenger

Speechnotes – Speech To Text

iSpeech – Text to Speech

Google keyboard

Speech to Text

Evernote for Android

Dragon Dictation

Speak – Text To Speech

Speech to text by Geng

Voice To Text by Designcloud24

Dragon Mobile Assistant

Voice Dictation Free

Voice Dictation for WhatsApp

You can be sure to find two to five apps that suits your liking If you look through the list on this page.

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