How To Unpurchase An App

How To Unpurchase An App

How To Unpurchase An App

With all the amount of purchases that happen every minute on iTunes and every other online store, it is impossible not to see someone that will ask for an unpurchase or refund. You will like it if your purchase is reversed without going through any hardship or waiting for many hours. I also like it that way.

And that is the reason I am writing this post, simple tips on how to unpurchase an app. There are few things you must know though. It is on Apple’s policy page that there is no refund for any purchase made on their site. This does not mean that you cannot request a refund; you just have to provide a genuine reason for the request.

How To Unpurchase An App – reasons 

 Weak reasons like “I don’t like the application” will not work. You are much more likely to get a refund if there is a technical problem that prevents the app from working on your phone. You can also request to unpurchased an app if you bought a different version for your phone. You are using iPhone and you bought an iPad app, and the app does not work on iPhone.

Many people use more than one account on Applestore, in a scenario whereby some used the wrong account to buy an app. That person can make a request. The reasons are many: just make sure that yours is reasonable before you request for it to be unpurchased. Enough of the intro.

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How To Unpurchase An App – First Way

Apple sends a mail to you after a purchase is made. And in the mail, there will be an invoice for the app. You will see a Report A Problem link on the invoice. Click on the link and make your request. It is possible that you don’t see the mail, probably it is deleted or so. We have got you covered. Check the second way to request a refund.

How To Unpurchase An App – Second Way

Fire up iTunes and log in. Click on the store. Click on mail and open your purchase history. Select the app in question and click Report A Problem. Not everybody has iTunes on their computer or phone, don’t worry if you are among those. Go to Provide your Apple ID. Pick from the options the one that best describes your problem and drop a little more info below. Hit the submit button and wait for a reply. This could take a couple of hours usually, it doesn’t take more than two days.

I hope that this guide helps on how to unpurchase an app. Please if you find this post useful, share it because you don’t know who else might like it.

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