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NSIPS Web Afloat (READ FIRST) Bupers Online

NSIPS web afloat, If you don’t, the meaning of NSIPS is Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System. And… It is used by the USN and USR for personal use, for field entry and electronic payment. Also, It is a web-enabled ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning. You get what that means right? If you don’t, no problem. Just be with me.

Please check out this beautiful infographic about the U.S Navy’s key battles. This web platform helps sailors alike to keep important data about their training. And career development documents.  You can see why NSIPS web afloat is quite useful. And above it all, it is accessible worldwide.

When we say worldwide…

It is just a simple way of saying that the NSIPS web is for ashore and afloat alike. Which makes it one size fits all. Hmm? At least for sailors. You got it.

 As you read this post, there are 150 ships using the NSIPS web. This is a job well-done by the naval office. You should admit that. So how do you access the NSIPS on a ship? It is not as hard as you might think. There is a network on all 150 ships. So it is this network that facilitates the connection. The ship’s networks work with the shore network by doing a neat synchronization when the time arises.


Since it is all about the web, you should know that an email account is needed. Not just any email but the NSIPS mail. In addition to that is a request form. NSIPS is for professionals, and professional registration is required. You will be required to provide info about web Ad Hoc and ESR.


With all the documents, you might be wondering where they will all go. You are covered so don’t worry.

Just forward all the docs to nsips-saar’[email protected] and you are a step closer to getting the NSIPS web afloat access.

If yours is about CO/XO/OIC/CMC you don’t need the SAAR-N form.

Aside from that, convert all the hard copy docs into PDFs and mail them to the email address provided above. There is something to note here though:

You will find many available functions and requests on the NSIPS website, so, you will always provide a hard copy of docs if you need any of the requests.


I would like to share some guidelines to follow when submitting a document to bupers online. You need it more than I do. And that is the reason you should read this. This is just a guideline that the navy heads use to make you an officer. It is important that you read all the pages in the document from 1 to the last number. After reading the doc, make sure you work on your docs promptly. Delay is not allowed here. You do things asap without giving any story. Be it reasonable or not.

You should also put in mind the quality of the docs you are submitting. A very clear document is not only required; it will also help you. Because you wouldn’t expect the admins that will go through your doc to start looking for a glass for what’s on the doc. 

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