Nissan Key Fob Tricks

Nissan Key Fob Tricks (BEST 5) Program Altima

Nissan Key Fob Tricks (BEST 5) Program Altima

How cool will you look if you can make your car do some nice tricks in the presence of your friends? Nissan key fob tricks are not so popular, which increases your chance of impressing that good-looking girl. You will agree with me if I say tricks make someone get friends.

I have used many tricks to my advantage in the past, but Nissan key fob tricks are my favorite.

And that is what I will be sharing in this post.


Nissan Altima Key Fob

Nissan Altima Key Fob is a remote used to control the locks on a car. At least, that is what most people use it to do. There is a fun part of the remote that most people rarely use. That is a quick overview of the Nissan Altima key fob.


When you know how to do some of the Nissan key fob tricks, you will get a better idea of the key. Now the fun part. Let us go and get the tricks from my ultimate tricks box.

Nissan Key Fob Tricks

How To Put off the Panic Button- Nissan key fob tricks

We all get into a scary place once in a while. Your car alarm can be your only means of getting help. Press the alarm button on your Nissan car key or in the car, and you will begin to hear the alarm noise that could scare a thief.


A signal for help. Either way, it is not putting on the alarm that most people don’t, but how to put it off.

And the easiest way is to press any key on your Nissan car key, and the alarm will go off.

Nissan Car Trunk Trick

You don’t need to bother yourself with opening the car lid manually. This simple trick will help you do that. This trick will not work if the car engine is still in action.


After putting off the engine, press the key that shows the open trunk. You should hear the opening sound of the lid.

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How To Off The Horn Sound Of Nissan Key

Not everybody will like the sound a car produces when using the key. You can disable it using the lock and unlock key. Press the two keys for two seconds and deactivate the sound. To enable the sound, press the duplicate keys for two seconds. It is pretty simple, but not everybody knows about it. And that is why we call it Nissan key fob tricks.

 The Magic Key

This isn’t quite a trick, but it is worth mentioning. Do you know that your car will not lock if the key is inside? That is one of the magic of the Nissan key. So whenever you are looking for the key, don’t search the car if it is locked. The key will not be there. The third part of this page is about how to program Nissan’s intelligent key. This is also simple and does not take much time. 

Nissan Key Fob Tricks best

How To Program Nissan Intelligent Key

You can program your Nissan intelligent key yourself by following these simple how-to tips. Enter and sit behind the wheel when you want to reprogram the key. So while inside, lock all the doors from the control buttons on the door beside the driver (you).

Then do this:

Insert the car key in the ignition and remove it instantly.

Repeat the process six consecutive times within ten seconds.

You can get it the first time. And you will know when the flashlight inside and outside the car comes up.

The seventh time is when you leave the key in the ignition.

Please note that you must repeat the process if you see the flashlights.

And when you do see them, leave the key.

This will enable the Accessible mode.

That is where we are going. The place where and how to program Nissan intelligent keys is done.

So while in Accessible mode, press the key you want to program once.

And do the programming after the hazard light.

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