How To Learn Computer Programming

How To Learn Computer Programming

How To Learn Computer Programming

Computer programming is the process of writing instructions for the computer, in other to make it perform a given task. This instruction can be high level (human-like) language or low level (machine) language. In most cases, a compiler is used to interpret the written instruction for the computer. Especially if it is high level language.

Can you operate a mobile phone or computer? Simply taking out your phone, sliding through the apps and selecting one. Maybe it is a game or browser. While you slide the screen, You notice that your phone (a computer) does something. This simple interaction between you and your computer is the result of computer programming.


Computer Programming 1

This a very popular computer programming course. The course is for beginners. It is meant to introduce the students to computer programming and… How to solve real world problems using programming. The language used is Java programming language.

I Want to Learn Computer Programming

A lot of benefits will come your way when you know how to program. Apart from the fact that it is fun: It will improve your creativity and you can use it to earn your desired income. To answer the question – I want to learn computer programming but I don’t know where to start.

Below is step by step actions you need to take even if you’re a beginner. Follow the simple steps below.

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Step 1

Ask Yourself this question.

Which program language should I learn?

The truth is there are many computer programming languages.


If you ask the best programmers about the best language to start with, all of them will give you different answers.


Because there are lot things associated with the question. It is a good thing to go with a program that is friendly to beginners but, you have to consider why you want to enter the world of programming in the first place. Also, You need to look into the kind of work you want do with the knowledge. And the computer programming language required for the work.

Picking a program to learn will be easier if:

  • You want to use it to get a job.
  • You just have to find out the programming language needed for the job. And go with that.

Another thing I like to tell beginners is:

Choose a language that has many projects for beginners.

You need motivation to become a successful programmer. And in most cases, this motivation comes from the completion of a project.


A program with many beginner friendly projects will help to build your moral when you are just starting out. You can even take it to the next level by showing your family and friends. Don’t take too much time at this step. As a programmer, it will be a good thing to know how to program in more than a language.


Just pick a program base on any of the ideas highlighted above and move to the next step.

Step 2

Now, is time to get the knowledge. You have many options at your disposer

Learn computer programing – Go the Degree Route

Don’t you think that It will be nice if you take your learning like a school? Whereby you get a degree a long with the knowledge.


Your job will require that you have the knowledge but, it will be good if you have a degree to back it up. The following sites will give you the knowledge and a certificate to go with it.

Online Universities to Learn Computer Programing


This site provides courses from major universities in the U.S and from around the world. You will be issued with a certificate at the end of the program. The certificate will include the name of any school that is partnered with Coursera.


This is similar to Coursera. The courses on the site are from the best universities you can find. You can learn computer programming from the site for free but, You have to pay some token if you want to get the certificate.

Saylor Academy

This site is not as popular as the other sites listed above. But it still has a lot of awesome courses to choose from. And the fun part of the is – You get your certificate for free.


Alison is very similar to Saylor Academy in the sense that, all the courses are free to learn and you earn you certificate at the end of the course.


This site is very popular in Europe. It is just like Coursera. Each course is free but it does not issue certificate at the end of the course.

How To Learn Computer Programming - coding

Teach Yourself Computer Programming

The second way to learn programming by teaching yourself. The sites listed above are like universities online but the once you are about to see will only give you the programming skill that you need. The websites below are where to learn programming online.


Most of them provide some tools that will assist you apart from videos and other materials. It is certain that you will not get any certificate at the end of the training. Any of the sites listed below is what I would introduce to you if you want to learn programing as a beginner on your own.

Khan Academy

This is one of the best places to get free education online. It offers a range of courses. You want how to learn computer programming by yourself?

Go to Khan Academy.


Just from the name, you can tell what this site is all about. Codecademy teaches how to learn computer programming for beginners and experts. The course is free but also, You will have access to a group system and game to improve your learning.


You will get a variety of programming courses from this site. Ranging from how to start programming in c++ to how to start programming in java. You can get the free or paid membership, but as I have mentioned earlier, You will not get any certificate here.

Tree House

This is not new but if you have not heard about it. It teaches how to design a website, mobile app on all platforms. But it not free. Tree House is one of the go to site in the field of programming. Especially for mobile app and website. The subscription stat from $25.

This site is simple. Programmers will submit a course or tutorial and other people will vote for or against the submitted course. I hope you understand the idea here. You will be able to determine how useful a course is.


You will get free programming courses here without doing much work. You will not be required to enroll for the course and You can get the course in audio format from iTunes of video format on YouTube. More sites are listed below. Some give kids and beginners computer coding basics in form of videos. Others provide pdf format on how to learn programing. Google and YouTube are included because you can get useful materials from them if you dig properly. Enjoy.

Computer Programming - hacking

Learn computer programing – Get A Personal Tutor

This is the third way you can learn how to program. Getting a personal tutor will help you a lot a beginner. At times, you can get stuck at a certain stage. A tutor will guide you and help you simplify any difficult part of your learning process.

Top Computer Programming Certifications

There is high demand for programmers and developers now than before. And the trend is going up. Because more and more organizations are making use of computers. Getting a computer programming certificate is worth it. As a programmer, wouldn’t it be nice to have a certificate to go along with your programming skill? It will also give you an upper hand above your colleagues.

Be it any c++ certifications or java certifications.

Don’t disturb your mind with the idea of programming certifications vs degree.

Any of the two will get you a job as long has you have the knowledge.

But it will be better if you have both the certification and degree.

Below are explanations on some of the popular developer certifications in computer programming.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)

It is an intermediary level certification by Microsoft is for developers. You can get Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) which is an entry level certification before getting (MCSD).

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)

This is the entry level in Microsoft programming certifications. It is very good for beginners. Some of the things you will learn are windows and software development. These software development certifications are in demand.

AWS Certified Developer – Associate Level

This certification is basically for developers that develop programs on AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform.

Oracle (OCP, OCM, OCE)

Oracle Certified Java certifications are series of certification by oracle.

If you have one these certifications, you should know that you have one of the best java programming certifications.

Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)

Oracle Certified Master (OCM)

Oracle Certified Expert (OCE)

You will take a dynamic exam that include scenario based and multiple choice questions.

 Why You Should Learn Algorithm and Data Structure

It’s good to learn a programming language. The skill is awesome. And I know you will want to get more fun from your knowledge. Good understanding of Data structure and Algorithm will show you how to utilize this skill.

Learn Computer Programming

Benefits of Computer Programming

You want to learn how to program but you need more reason to start? You are not the only one on this train. I will explain few of the benefits below.

Gives Confidence

There is this joy that comes to you when write you first program. It is normal because you just solve a problem using a computer language. No matter how small it is. It does not stop there, After your first few programs and projects, your confidence rise. And this will affect every aspect of your life positively

Concept of Computer Programming

You see, one the important benefit of computer programming is the concept behind it. And when you get this, you have gotten an important asset in your life. Even if you make it your career or not the concept will still be useful to you.

How to Make Things Clear

Computers only do what you ask it to do. So, computer programs need to be as clear as possible. You will develop this ability when you learn how to program.

Quick Decision

Do you have few other things you want to do aside programming…? And you don’t want to waste your time. You will know if this is for you or not quickly. If at some stage, you think programming is not for you, don’t just burst out like that. Think deeply about it because successful programmers also experience such when starting out. Do you still think programming is not for you? By having a taste of it, you will appreciate the work programmers are doing.

It is Fun

Yes, you read that. It is fun. And lots of it. Let me go into our nature a bit. When you work on a skill for a while after some time it will become part of you. And something you will love to do just for the fun of it. That is the way it is. So now, can you imagine getting paid for something you love doing? Some thing you do for fun?

It is amazing. Just stick around during the hard times at the beginning and you will get the hard cash later.

Other Benefits

Programming can be a source of income for you. You use it to impress your friends and little chick. You can learn programming just to ease a task within the house. And so on.

Basic Computer Programming Terms to Understand

Software and Hardware

Hardware is basically the physical part of the computer system. The part that you can touch and feel. Examples are keyboard and mouse. While software on the other is: Are set of codes or programs installed on the computer. You cannot see or touch these programs. And a good example will be your OS and MS Word.


To a lay man:

Algorithm is a step by step instruction of how to carry out a task. Just like the actions you have to take in other to achieve a desired result. Algorithm is a detailed step by step explanation of these actions. Computer can do amazing things but:

It is dumb and will not do anything except what you instruct it to do.

That is the reason you have to make your algorithm very detailed.


You know that the computer cannot do anything on its own unless You instruct it to do something. These set of instructions is what is known as code. You will often hear the word source code which is the same thing. When you write source code:

You should ensure that it has good read-ability because apart from writing codes, programmers often read and amend codes.


When your code is not readable it will be difficult to understand.


Just like every human language. You cannot just put some set of words together and say it is a statement. There are rules guarding the use of words in a statement and in communication as a whole. This is the same in computer programming. You cannot just put codes together without following the proper rules. These rules are what is referred to as syntax in programming.

Pseudo Code

This is one of the things that makes source code to be read able. Imagine reading lines of code without any hint of what the code will do. Pseudo code is used to describe what a piece of code will do Written in any human language. It tells the specific action that section of the source will take.

Design or architecture

How difficult do you think it will be if You are a builder that wants to build a house with many of rooms, swimming pool, football field and plan or the design in place.

“It will be very difficult.”

Even if you manage to build the house to completion:

The result will be bad. This where design and architecture comes in. When you write heavy programs like Operating Systems and some other big software:

You know the code will be many. Just plan ahead and break the entire program into sections. Then link up each section together appropriately.


Computers only understand 0s and 1s but most programming languages are not written in 0s and 1s.


Because it is very difficult to program in that way. So, how does the machine understand what we write? This is where a compiler comes in to the picture:

It converts your source code into 0s and 1s for the computer to understand. The first compiler was written by Grace Hopper in 1951.

Learn computer programing – Top 10 Computer Programming Languages

  1. SQL
  2.  Java
  3. JavaScript
  4. C#
  5. C++
  6. Python
  7. PHP
  8. Ruby on Rails
  9. iOS/Swift
  10. Objective-C

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