Genie Pro Screw Drive Remote Programming

Genie Pro Screw Drive Remote Programming

Genie Pro Screw Drive Remote Programming (IMPORTANT )

This is a complete tutorial on how to program Genie Pro screw drive remote. You will agree with me if I say the remote saves a lot of time. But it can be painful when the old one gets lost or stops working and finds it hard to program the new one. Never worry you will see how it is done here, both in video and text.

 I received my Genie today, it comes with batteries. It is supposed to lock with a push button and a red LED will come up. Push the button and the LED will blink 2 or 3 times. The LED that blinks is the one you will program. So let’s get to genie pro screw drive remote programming.

Genie Pro Screw Drive Remote Programming Overview

Once you have located the push button and the red LED, the next thing to do is push the button to see the blinking red LED light.

Press the button you want to program on the Genie within 30 seconds while the LED is blinking. You then press the button on the Genie again and the LED light will stay on steady without blinking.

Then you press the button again and the light will go off.

Genie Pro Screw Drive Remote Programming In Action

Push the button on the big device and see the LED blinking and press the button you want to program. A note of caution here: Don’t stay too close to the big device else, the programming is not going to work. So if it does not work you should know that you are staying too close and then move back. So as soon as you see that the LED stays on, you push the Genie button again.

You will see that the LED will go off. That indicates that your Genie Pro Screw Drive Remote is programmed. So fix the whole thing and test.

If the button does not work you will have to program the next one. And you might be lucky and find out the first button works the first time. I would say that you shouldn’t give up until you try the last button on the Genie remote and hopefully you will find one that works. The buttons are three so there is always a chance that will work.

 So there you go. Try the programming out and remember not to stay too close to the actual device else the remote will not work.

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