Workstation Scentsy

Workstation Scentsy

Workstation Scentsy (A-Z EXPLANATION)

There will be a quick intro to what workstation Scentsy is before we move into the overview and how to set things up.


What Is Workstation Scentsy

What is Scentsy? Scentsy is a leading fragrance company that started off with wink-less candles. A wink-less candle is an electrical warmer. It provides a warmer to your home similar to a candle (where the name came from) but without the fire and other hassles that come along with using a candle. It is electrical and has a little switch where you can turn it on and off. There is a light bulb inside of it. This bulb will cast a nice glow on your wall and melt the wax on the warmer. The benefit of this warmer compared to others is that you can put it on forever. Obviously, you wouldn’t do that but you can use it 247 and when you forget to put it off while you are out of the house, you won’t need to worry.

The wax that goes into this warmer is different. It is a special wax from Scentsy, the wax is also known as bars. A bar contains many cubes and you put 2 or 3 cubes on the warmer. These 2 cubes will last for 15 hours and the entire bar usually lasts for more than 100 hours. This product is awesome to me and the only thing that might be of concern is that you have to clean up the old wax when putting in a new one if you want to maintain the good fragrance.


Workstation Overview

This is the platform for the people that have joined the Scentsy business. These people are known as Scentsy consultants. The workstation provides everything that you will need to take your Scentsy business to greater heights. You will get a username and password to use on workstation.scentsy

I will provide a quick overview of what you will see on the workstation and how to make things easier while you are there.

Tour the workstation

This is the tool that shows you every part of the platform and how to use each part.

Start with a goal

This is where you indicate the goal you want to achieve with Scentsy. Obviously, most consultants want to be financially free using Scentsy.

Customize your website

Please note that you need a special website if you want to sell Scentsy products online. This will also help you recruit new consultants.

Link your social accounts

This is where you link your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and so on. Other things on the list are Creating a launch party, announcing your new business, connecting with your sponsor, Visiting the training center, learning about your pay, and Joining the new consulting webinar. Click the box beside each point when you are through. It is mandatory for you as a consultant to go through all the sections one after the other and read the consultant guide. If you are able to do that, you will find answers to all your workstation Scentsy questions.

Workstation Scentsy: how to

How To Set Up Your Workstation

Log in to workstation.scentsy or scroll down to the bottom of your store and click the workstation link. Provide your username and password then click login. Click on the account because that is where you will find:

Edit subscription

This will allow you to find all the information about your credit card.

Edit My Profile

This is where you change your address and phone number.

Edit My Website

This is where you edit your photo and story. Note that your story should be a very touching one.

How To Set Up Party – Benefits Of Workstation Scentsy

There are few platforms that will go through the hassles of helping you make money genuinely. Scentsy workstation is one of the few platforms. There are whole lots of video tutorials and guides that will take you from the first step up to the point where you actually make yourself some money. This is no gimmick; many people have done it; you can do it too.

Scentsy Workstation (MUST READ FOR ALL MEMBERS)

There are thousands of people saying wonderful things about the Scentsy workstation. With all the popularity and love from its members, there are still some things you don’t know about Scentsy that could skyrocket your business. It does not matter if you are just starting out or you are an old member of the program. This post is about what Scentsy Workstation is, how to get the best from your sponsor, how to find a consultant, pay portal, and catalog. But before we continue, you should examine the infographic below. Your job is part of your business Scentsy. See it as “office” and everywhere it’s deleted. Service allows you to ask questions, ask for a company, follow your goals, get ads, and more! There are two ways to get your job


  1. Use Internet browsers and click on your Scentsy website.
  2. Go to the floor and click on the “User Guide” on the left side.

One of the most important tools is work. You will be able to place it on the startup rules, and rules you set up, track your business and tax, get information about news and events, and manage customers and contacts with others! To get your job:

Go to (for UK overseers)

Enter your own ID number and the password you selected during the registration process.

Once you log in, you can browse the languages by clicking Select / Country / Language and right-clicking home.

Scentsy Workstation FAQ

  1. Starter Starter Kit is $ 99.00 + taxes, + Shipping. The Starter Starter Settings are amazing. The trademarks of the merchants are the finest and most wonderful business to begin to start.
  2. To find the Scentsy antivirus expert you need only one-third of every month at 200 PRVs. No solid question. You can either write the same ones or decide to enter the Scentsy list every month. Everyone can have a successful business.
  3. All intentions of $ 200.00 Free Sale free trade in one place.
  4. When you are ordered to pay a debt. Over the past ten months, your “end” on credit card Cents results in whatever you want or is borrowed by ATM.

Scentsy Workstation (HOW TO GET CUSTOMERS)

Here are some tips on how Customers are selected regardless of where they are and what their company has. At the beginning of a marriage. Experts should expect to find your own. You will meet or talk to the phone and the counselor and make sure your answers are answered. Ask yourself for the first time, how the training will work, your personal experience, and their company.

Friend. Personal question: I meet many people who make good friends. Understanding. I think you will do this even though my friends are in my favorite company. Sometimes this may be a big thing. It can support one another, distribute products, and so on. However, if your partner wants your relationship with a social service provider, you can explain to other experts to find out if you will meet your needs.

Here’s the situation: You can choose one in your community or community. It depends on your own love. Many of my members have left home and I will be ready to enter, many of them saying I’m going up the hill until they make sure they have the training and support they want. Some people would like to look for supporters in their area. This can work well, you have someone who comes to you to help you, and you can attend congregation meetings, training, and more.

You may want to think, choose a rule in the city where you are looking for a head of life and experience in the industry. Some people want to have the nearest sponsor because they are convinced that they are their own business and they support the provider (as available) but not the home. The teacher may be your business … so you can choose who is in the state or nearest. It all depends on what you want.

Scentsy Workstation BEST LOOKOUTS

The text of the Scentsy Workstation is listed separately. Here is how to find out what to find: tablet boards

The tab will take you to your home, which displays personal information and group information, tutorials, retailers, and news colleges.

Tab tabs

Newspaper news about products and newsletters uses advertising time. We encourage you to review it daily to get information about your favorite business!

Tab tab

The feature allows you to view and edit your profile in personal information, register in Velata, and manage monthly registration. You can also access and edit your website (PWS) from this site.

Contacts are called

Contacts Contact your personal information and customer information, including personal information on the harmful E-newsletter.

Start Tab

The settings make the place where you go and play music, individually and in the market.

Tab Team

The tab allows you to view your business transaction with your affiliates and retailers. You are here to see a group of children who attended High School Ascent and most of the past messages.

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