Confabulation Magic Trick (FULLY EXPLAINED) With Paper

Confabulation Magic Trick (FULLY EXPLAINED) With Paper

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Today you will learn what confabulation magic trick is, the secrets behind it, how it is done and popular examples of it.

People won’t stop asking you to perform tricks if they know that you do magic tricks…

But at times this can catch you off guard, so what do you do?

Don’t worry confabulation is all you need.

You can do this trick with just a piece of paper.

See what it means and how it is done below.


What is a confabulation magic trick?

Confabulation on its own is a disturbance in a person’s memory that is caused fabrication of wrong memories.

These fabricated memories can be about the person, another person or the world.

All of these happen with the person not knowing that it is false.

And that is the amazing part of fabrication.

All of that happens in the human memory and it is not so different when a magic trick is involved.


How to do a confabulation magic trick

In magic, the magician will ask someone from the audience to name a word or write.

Then the written or spoken word will appear.

It might appear on a piece of paper in the magician’s pocket, on an envelope, etc.

The hidden concept is that the word is either written by another person unknown to the audience while the magician is performing the trick.


The magician accurately predicted the word.

2 Examples Of confabulation magic trick


This will be the first confabulation magic trick here.

The magician walks into the hall and asks his assistant to bring the magic blackboard.

In most cases, this board will be covered with black clothes.

And it will have enough space to accommodate another hidden magic assistant.

So the magician will ask a volunteer from the audience to write a word on any surface.


The magician will instruct his assistant to cover the board and do some magic moves.

The word written by the volunteer will appear when the board is uncovered.

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Hidden Secret

This will trick most people but it is actually simple.

How is it done?

When the assistant was bringing in the board, there is hidden assistance somewhere in the board.

This hidden assistance might hide at the base of the board.


Since the board is big no one will suspect.

So while the volunteer is writing the word there is a camera that will transmit the word into a hidden projector inside the board.

The assistant on the board will know the word with the help of the camera and quickly writes it,

All of these take place when the board has been covered and the magician is performing some fake magic moves.


No. 2 The Prediction Trick

Let me explain this quickly.

The magician will bring an envelope and a notepad (jotter). On the envelope, there is a paper having the outcome of the prediction.

The outcome might be the sum of a group of numbers.

He will then ask 2 or more volunteers from the audience to come and write a secret number only known to them on the notepad.

He will call the volunteers one after the other.

After each volunteer has written a number, he will then ask another volunteer to add all the numbers and keep silent.

The magician will call another volunteer to open the content of the envelope and read the number on it.

This number will be equal to what the first group of volunteers has written and the sum will be the same as well.

Hidden Secret

So how did he do it?

This is no secret at all but deception.

Already the numbers had been written on the secret paper inside the envelope before beginning the show.

And all the numbers written on the notepad by the first group of volunteers will be flicked to another page…

And the volunteer that sums everything up will on see the page that the magician wants him to see.

And on such a page, the magician would have written the same thing that is inside the envelope.


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