Ac Web Ultimate Repack 7.7

Ac Web Ultimate Repack 7.7 (ALL YOU NEED)

Wouldn’t you like to have a working Ac Web Ultimate Repack 7.7? I am sure that you know some people already have it. These people are not as special as you. Ac Web Repack makes a game more fun and easy to play, I know you will agree with that. You will learn how to download it in today’s post as well as its benefits and how to install and use it.


There are some facts about the benefits of this repack that I would like to share with you first. Please know that Ac Web Ultimate Repack is a private server that you install on your machine. But there is a catch below.


What You Will Get From Ac Web Ultimate Repack 7.7

The first benefit is the cost. The program is cheap compared to other dedicated servers, and even more interesting. You are getting it for free here.

 The second thing you will get is a server that meets your required needs. Aside from being free, it will also do just the things you want and not slow down your system or game with the things you don’t want.

The best part?

You don’t have a problem if you don’t know how to set things up on Ac Web Ultimate Repack 7.7. I will give you that in a minute. You will also be able to adjust the configurations later on if you think you need more. You can’t get all these on a dedicated server. Why does this matter?

Downloading and Installing the program is easy. What is a bit difficult is how to make it work but you won’t have a problem if you know the things explained in this post. That is not all. Another benefit is that you will get more than admin rights on this server. Many people believe that admin rights are the top privilege you can get when making the configuration to a server.


With the rights that I am talking about, you will be able to edit scripts to meet your needs. There is no problem if you don’t want to do that. Just know that it is possible. Let’s move forward, coz we are getting to the fun part.

How to use Ac Web Ultimate Repack 7.7 as a private server

This is usually used for WOW (World Of Warcraft) but it works for other uses as well. Just to make this easier to explain, I will assume that you have downloaded the program and you have installed it. You will see how to download it later but focus on this important aspect first. Don’t make any changes to the program before you install it. After the installation, you need to locate the C drive on your computer, usually where the program is installed.

In the C drive, you will see Ac Web Ultimate Repack 7.7 folder.

Open it, and open the Tools folder in that too.

Then open the Map extraction folder. This is where we are going.

Please open a folder that has the name of the language you speak.

If you speak English you have two options, enUS or enGB.

British or American English?

Open the language of your choice and copy these two important files, ad, and maps

Paste the two files in your game folder in the program files section of your computer.

On your computer, there are two program files folder in the default directory drive, C: or D:

Open both Program Files and Program Files 64 and find the folder for your game.

Paste both ad and maps into the folder and run the ad

A cmd window will open and will start loading some files…

This can last for 30 to 50 minutes. You can play a game or two before the loading finishes.

By now the maps folder you copied alongside the ad will have some files in it.

Copy and take the maps folder back to Ac Web Ultimate Repack 7.7 folder in the C: drive.

But this time:

Paste the maps folder into Arcemu.  Don’t make the mistake of putting it inside another folder, just the Arcemu folder.

It must be with the other folders there. I will save the rest for now because by now you can fully handle the program after downloading it.

The file is uploaded in Mediafire both for 32 and 64 bits depending on your computer

Download Ac Web Ultimate Repack 7.7 32 bits


Download Ac Web Ultimate Repack 7.7 64 bits

You can finish the setup process I was explaining above by following the info in this guide.

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