Tips On GHIN Handicap Program Management

5 Best Tips On GHIN Handicap Program Management

Today we are going to take a quick look at the GHIN Handicap Program Management online club and how to most effectively activate and inactivate members within your club in order to save you time. Alright, the first thing we need to do is open up a web browser to get your GHIN online started.

 The best browser for this tool is Mozilla Firefox, it is free to download if you don’t have it. It doesn’t mean that internet explorer or chrome will not or safari will not work for this, but the ideal browser for this tool is Firefox. Go to the address bar and the website for the GHIN online is You will see the GHIN Handicap Program Management in front of you.


How To Login To The GHIN Online Club

So now you will need to log in to your specific club and you will be asked for three specific pieces of information to get in.

 First is the association number, in this case for everybody it is 20. Next, you need your club number which you can find on your handicap card or at your club. In this case, we will be using the WSA test club which is 995, and then the password. The password is the same password used on the handicapped computer so hopefully, you know that, if you don’t please give GHIN Handicap Program Management a call and they will help you get that password.

So you are going to enter that in and then press login, which will take you to the GHIN online panel for the WSGA test club.

Easy Way To Activate And In-Activate Golfers On GHIN Handicap Program

So the purpose of this post is to show you how easy it is to activate and in-activate golfers on your roster to save you time and energy.

 So what you are going to do is go all the way over to the left of the screen to My Golfers, and you are going to go to change golfer statuses.

 With the old programs in order to see what resides on the handicap computers, you had to go into the management functions, going to play a man’s man, and individually activate and inactivate golfers.

 In this case, we can do this with one click of the mouse. It is one of the things that are nice about this feature. Also keep in mind that this is internet based, which means you can do this from home or any computer as long as you have internet.

 So next you want to choose the service, in this case from choosing the men’s club. And because we are coming up on the first building of the season, I want to make sure that I inactivate every golfer who hasn’t paid my club yet for the season.

How To Deactivate Golfers Who Haven’t Paid In GHIN

So you will want to take a look at your status or the act of the golfers and then you are going to hit search and the system will come back with the golfers. Now in this case you are going to say that all the individuals that have not paid for the year, therefore, need to inactivate them so that you are not billed on April 1st for example.

 So you have two methodologies here one, you can click on the individual golfers and they will highlight in yellow or you can click the upper-left box and it will select everybody. When you have everybody selected, you will now in-activate the selected golfers or you do have the option to inactivate the entire rasta. I’m going to endeavor and activate the selected golfers. A warning screen usually comes up just to make sure that this is what you want to be done and I click yes.

 And now you can see I have no active golfers left in my club now if I come back here and click on inactive.

Tips On GHIN Handicap Program

How Re-Activate Golfers That Paid In GHIN Handicap Program

As you start collecting money for these individual golfers, and you want to reactivate them in the system, all you want to do is search for those in the act of golfers who are already on the list here is everybody that was inactive, and let’s say some of them renewed, and these people have all paid their money back.

 So now we want to activate these people right back in the system. After you have selected these individuals you just go to activate selected golfers once again you get the warning screen just to make sure this is what you want to do and will click yes and now those golfers are active. I can see that coming back to my active list and search and you will find them there. So the golfers are now active in the club.

 As you can see this is much easier than going one by one to the all due to a client program on the handicapped computer club to activate these individual golfers. The idea behind this is to make it easy to get people into the system.

How To Bring People Into The GHIN Handicap Program Management Club

Now let’s look at two other ways of bringing people into your club. It is also much easier than the old client program. There are two scenarios into this, once somebody joins the club and has never been a part of the WSA or has never had an agent number, and the second is that they do have an agent number and they want to be activated into your club.

 So let’s first look at bringing somebody who’s never been a part of GHIN. What you would do as you come to My Golfers and go to add golfer and it frankly is as simple as this; you will select the service that you want them to join. If you use local numbers, you can punch that local number in and then the type, whether they are a regular or junior member. You will then type in all their printing information and select add golfer.

 Once you hit add golfer, that golfer is instantly added to your club and an agent number is instantly assigned to them which you can give to that new club member. Now I want to add somebody to a club who had an existing GHIN number before. In this scenario, you want to come to all golfers, and golfer public, view and then you want to type in the number of the individual.

 The system will bring up the record and all you have to do is hit add to the club and they will be instantly added to your club and they can start posting to answer your computer or through their site.

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