SSH KexAlgorithms

What Is SSH KexAlgorithms?

Whenever your SSH client and a server are connected, both will share some standard parameters. One of the parameters is SSH KexAlgorithms. SSH Kexalgorithms is the critical exchange method used in generating keys for each connection.


How to Modify SSH Server KEX Key Exchange Algorithms

It is simple:

Just search for Regedit on your Run dialog box or Start menu.

Then expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder.

The SOFTWARE folder followed me. Then the WOW6432Node might be different in your case. In my case, I want to modify the SSH KEX algorithms of Georgia Softworks.


After the WOW6432Node folder, I’ll expand the Georgia Softworks, after which I’ll expand GSW_SSHD, then click on the Parameters folder.

Sz KexAlgorithms is located in the parameter folder, find and right-click on it, then click Modify and change the Value’s data to what you want. Then click ok.

However, these changes will not be effective until you restart the SSH services. How do you do that?

Search for Services on the Start screen. Then you will locate the name of your software. In my case, it is Georgia Softworks, and its SSH service is right above it. Select the service and click restart. Your SSH KEXalgorithms are now ready.

SSH Error No Matching Exchange Method Found Solution

Follow these steps:

Sudo nano /etc/ssh/ssh_config

#MACs hmac-md5,hmac-sha1,[email protected],hmac-ripemd160’

Add the following to the bottom:

HostKey Algorithms ssh-DSS,ssh-RSA

KexAlgorithms +diffie-hell-group1-sha1

This simple fix does not need any reboot. It will work immediately.

Fix No K Ex Alg

Whenever you have an issue with Kex Alg, most people are not always aware that the easiest solution is to use an updated version of OpenSSH. This simple action will solve all your Kex Alg issues. Just update your OpenSSH, whether it is Cygwin or other things like that.

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