Windows Smartscreen Prevented An Unrecognized App From Starting

Windows Smartscreen Prevented An Unrecognized App From Starting

Do you want to know what to do when your PC says windows SmartScreen prevents an unrecognized app from starting? This SmartScreen message can be annoying when it pops up just when you are about to install a trusted program. You will learn how you can bypass this Windows feature. Or how you can disable it forever.

Windows smart screen is a feature that helps to prevent malicious apps and programs from your computer. It checks the sites that you visit and the apps you are about to install on your computer. The smart screen will give you a warning if the site or app is not on its record.

Microsoft introduced this feature in Internet Explorer 8 and since then, it comes along with every new version of the browser (IE9, 10, etc.). After IE 8, Microsoft decided to add it to Windows as well. That is why you find on all windows OS starting Windows 8 upward.


How To Bypass Windows Smartscreen Prevented An Unrecognized App From Starting

You will see a big OK button whenever the Smartscreen window opens, you will see a little more info button too if you look closely to the left.

Click on the more info button and the page will show you two new buttons, Run anyway and Don’t run.

Click on Run anyway and the app will begin to install.

Please make sure that you trust the app.

Ok when that is done, how do you disable it forever on your computer system?

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How To Disable Windows Smartscreen In Windows 8

Got to the control panel. There are many ways to get to the control panel: hold the windows key + X, search for the control panel, hold the windows key + R, and type control panel, whichever one suits you best.

Click on system and security in the control panel. Then click Security and Maintenance, at the top of the list.

On the left-hand side, you will see Change Windows SmartScreen Settings.

That is where you are going.

Select Don’t do anything (Turn Off Windows Smartscreen). Click Ok and Apply the changes.

How To Disable Windows Smartscreen In Windows 10

Go to your windows defender, you can search for it.

Click on App & browser control in windows defender. Click on check apps and files, and choose off.

Click Ok and apply.

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