Skywest Cadet Program

There has been a lot of confusion on this Skywest cadet program, so let start with what cadet pilot program really is.

SkyWest cadet program: – is essentially airline taking responsibility for your entire training from a novice into an airline cooperates right after high school or twelfth.

There are four steps in the Skywest cadet program

  1. Commercial pilot license
  2. Multi-engine rating
  3. Type rating
  4. Airline specific training

What cadet pilot program does is to give these basic four steps within the airline, traditionally what an intending pilot will do is to get his

  • commercial pilot license from the flying school, maybe the flying school will help him with a multi-engine rating, but if they did not help with that he has to go another flying school to get the multi-engine rating.
  • After that, he is expected to go to an airline either of the commercial pilot licenses where he competes with other thousands of candidate or
  • you knowing the different type of plane you want to fly, you get the type rating from those airplanes and then apply to an airline which has those airplanes, they will accept you as a typical rate candidate
  • then finally apply to airline specific training

what cadet pilot program does is that they have an airline training candidate for all this, so when airline pick you up after you twelfth or your high school they put you into

  • screening process test
  • interviews
  • test on basic knowledge

with these facts, you are ready to get into cadet pilot program

Skywest Cadet Program

  1. CPL ( commercial pilot licenses ):- the cadet pilot will send you to approve commercial pilot licenses center,
  2. Multi-engine rating:- these are also done by the same center that handled the commercial pilot licenses.
  3. Type rating:-these is also done in other proved center of the kind of airline type rating you desire in concordance to the kind of airline you want to fly.
  4. Airline training process:- this is the last stage of the cade pilot program which is subdivided into sub training such as
  5. SOP training
  6. Procedure training
  • Super numbering flight
  1. Super vice land flight

Doing these cadet pilot program the airline will insert radio check, in order to clear the regulator exam, this is very important because if you cannot clear the regulator program, definitely fail the cade pilot exam. Even after the type rating there check you need to clear if the checks are unclear you still definitely going to fail the exam.  Due to the cadet policy, you will still be given some chances but all these are necessary to pass the exam.

                                                Advantages Of Skywest Cadet Program

  1. After these training from the cadet pilot program, the airline will give you auto employment and start paying you immediately as an airline first officer. But as from this stage, there is some few training to be considered from the cadet pilot program.
  2. You don’t have to go different school in order to obtain the four basic step in becoming pilots and all these schools are sponsor by your self
  3. The program offers a standard operating procedure for the type rating which is better than the generic type ratting know as traditional type
  4. Cadet pilot program allows you to fly any kind of airplane, but in the traditional type, you can only fly only one kind of airline base on the type rating you choose.



  1. It’s really very costly compare to the traditional pilot programs.

Skywest Cadet Program

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