What Is SEO: Introduction To Search Engine Optimization
July 29, 2017

What Is SEO

What if I told you SEO isn’t so difficult to understand?

That the only thing you need is to follow some good tutorials.


You can get all the tutorials at no cost on the internet.

Forget the internet; you can get everything you need here.

Read on:

What Is SEO And How Does It Work

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a form of digital marketing that is used to refer to all the elements required to rank a website in search engine results.

SEO is free but:

It can be difficult if you don’t have the right knowledge to make it work.


Why You Need SEO

You need traffic (visitors) to your website, don’t you?

That is the sole reason of SEO.


Most internet users now go to major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to get information.

So, you have to link up with these search engines and ensure that you rank high whenever…

A user search for an information related to what you have on your website.

How Search Engines Work

There are billions of webpages online.

Search engines make use of spiders (a robot that is also called crawlers) to go round these billions of pages and:

Store important parts of these pages on its database.

So that whenever someone search for a word, the related web pages will be populated from the database.

One very crucial element in your website that helps search engines is the link.

Both the link pointing to your website (incoming) link and the links going out of your website.

what is SEO

How Google Want You To Rank A site

Visitors Should Be Your Priority

You should not put your focus on SEO but your visitors

Create what will solve your visitor’s problem.


Don’t put stuffs on your site that will deceive your visitors and search engines.

Hierarchical Structure

You should link all pages on your site neatly in a hierarchical way.

Each page should have a static text link pointing to it.

You site must provide useful contents for its visitors.

Each page must clearly state the content of the website


You should use adequate titles for your content and ALT elements for your the pictures and other multimedia contents on your site.

Use Descriptive URL

Your keywords should be human friendly and describe the content of the page.

Use easy to read URL and 301 redirects for any duplicate page on the site.

More Tips On How To Rank A Site

Get More External Links

This is the most important factor use to rank a website.

Most search engines especially Google rely heavily on the how many links are pointing to your page and also:
How strong (in terms of authority) are the sites linking to you.


Post Evergreen Contents

This is another factor that will help the SEO of your website.


Evergreen content doesn’t die down overtime.

It will continue to rank so far you are still getting links to.

Internal linking

Inter link the pages on your site.

This will increase the time visitors spend on your site.


Help improve the SEO of your website.

Find a way to link all your pages including the homepage together.

It will help pass the link juice around.

Social Media Sites

Apart from search engines and SEO, social media is the next source of free traffic.

Make sure you connect with your audience on all he platforms they are using.

It is good to post regularly on these platforms but what is more better is to…

Interact with your audience, provide solutions to their problems, and see social media sites as a customer service platform.

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