What Is PPC (Pay Per Click)
August 2, 2017

what is ppc

SEO is a good way to get better search engine ranking. But the best SEO strategy takes time to get the result you want.

In most case, SEO strategies takes more than six months to get to page one of search engines and…

After that, you still have to put in more work if you want to maintain or move higher in the rankings.


The Competition for page one ranking is very high.

That is where Pay Per Click advertising comes in: it is a very good option for businesses or sites that want new customers or visitors fast.

In some cases, PPC campaign can start generating sales- not only traffic- within an hour of setting it up.

So What Is PPC

The content inside the rectangle box in the image are PPC ads.

With Google Adwords, you can get your ads to show at the top of Google result whenever someone searches for a term or keyword related to your site or product.

Here is the good news:

You will only pay when someone clicks on your ad, just from the name Pay Per Click.

You will not pay anything if someone search and read your ad on the result page without clicking on it.

That is better that TV or Radio advertisement that will cost you money regardless of how many people is watching or listening to your ad.

How To Start Pay Per Click Advertisement

what is ppc

The first step is keyword research.

You will need to do keyword research to figure out the kind of search terms you want your ad to show for.

For example:

If you are a computer repair technician in New York City, you will want you ad to show when someone search for best computer repair in New York City.

You wouldn’t want your ad to show for best school in New York City. No.

You will need to comb through many search terms and select when and when not to show your ads.

How To Do Keyword Research For PPC

The second step is to build an optimized landing page.

A landing page is the page that your customer lands on after clicking on your PPC ad.

To make sure that your customers purchase your product, call you or give you their email address: you should ensure that your landing page is built and optimized properly.

With PPC advertising, you can drive high qualified traffic to your site and improve help your business grow.

How To Create A Landing Page

If you cannot set up your PPC campaign on your own, you can reach out to Geek Powered Studio.

They will help you out.

Image Credits: Quick Click Mobile