What Is Computer Network Exploitation
July 31, 2017

What Is Computer Network Exploitation

You want to know what meaning of computer network exploitation and:

It’s techniques and methods.

But right now you don’t know all that.

All the answers you need to your questions are here on this page.

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The Meaning Of Computer Network Exploitation

When an individual take some certain steps in other to gain access to a network and…

The data on the devices in that network.

These steps are referred to as computer network exploitation.

In other words:

It is the use of computer network to gain access to another network so as to get some intelligence information.

computer network exploitation is just a professional way of hacking into a network and stealing some intelligent information.

This kind of hacking is usually done between countries.

Where country A hacks into the network of country B.

And in most cases:

Everything about the network of country B will be working fine but:

In underground, intelligent information will be sent to the country A.

You can also call this action electronic espionage.

Which literary means spying on another network.

Where some people will break into a network and hijack that network using…

Malicious programs.

Computer Network Exploitation Techniques

One of the most popular computer network exploitation techniques that country A usually use to gain access to country B’s network is:

Producing some hacked network devices like switch etc.


Selling these network devices to country B.

So, whenever country B use any of the device, Country A will have access to their network.

That is a cross-country hack.

Read on to know some of the techniques use in computer network exploitation on regular individuals


How to prevent them.

Using Fake Wireless Access Points

This is very popular because of one thing.

The hackers trick people by giving them free network to browse the internet.

Using one of the common computer network exploitation tools, Wi Fi.

Who does not want free Wi-Fi?

Actually, Wi-Fi is an important part of computer network, but in the hands of hacker:

It’s something else.


Whenever someone connect to this network and use the network to communicate with another host.

Hackers will interfere with this communication and get these people’s data and in some case, naked passwords.


The easiest way to protect yourself against this kind of act is:

Try as much as possible not to connect any public free network but…

If you are to do so, make sure protect your communication using VPN.

The Bait and Switch computer network attack method

Bait and switch, just from the name:

You can guess what it means.

Think of bait when you go fishing.


Hackers will give you something and as time goes on:

They will take some vital things from you.

This is an example:

You will be given a free download and it is free, truly.

But during that download process, you have been hacked.

Tips to save yourself:

Don’t just download from any free site. Make sure you some research bout the site.


Make sure your antivirus is always updated.

Other types of computer network exploitation examples are Cookie theft, File name tricks, and Hosts file redirect.


Computer Exploitation Analyst Job Description

the professional way of guarding against computer network exploitation is by:

employing an exploitation analyst.


The exploitation analyst job description is:

To give an expert view and analyze networks and servers for any irregularities.

Analyze the operating system on computers, packets sent through the network to check if there are any bad activities going on.

These analysts also create exploitation tactics for educational purpose only.

They do this in other to know how to defend against attackers.

Apart from the fact that one of the basic requirement for this job is…

Many years of experience in the field of computer security, when you look at their work:

You will see that they know a lot about exploitation from testing.


They also help in the creation of security tools.

Computer Network Exploitation Analyst Salary

According to Indeed.com, computer network exploitation analyst salary Is around $83,934 per year.