Would You Like To Know What Computer Network Architecture Is?
July 30, 2017

computer network architecture

Computer Network Architecture

This is the detail structure or diagram of the computer network in an organization. It encompasses all the resources on the network.

It is the work of the network administrator in the organization to design the network architecture. The network admin can seek the help of design engineers in the process.

It is important to include the topology (explained below) of the network, the wiring both wireless and wired and the devices, and the future plans you have for the network.

Also, the protocols and rules of the software on the network will be part of the architecture.

Computer Network Architecture – The Design

Computer Network Architecture – Security And Application Services


Topology is of two parts:

The physical topology, and the logical topology.

Physical topology is the diagram that shows the physical location of each component including the cables on the network.

While Logical topology on the other hand shows how data move within the network.

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