Top 5 Amazing Computer Repair Kit
July 24, 2017

Most people see computer repair as a difficult work or a work that is only for tech guys.

No, it is not like that.

You can solve most of the computer problems if you have the required computer repair kit for the job.

The work is not something you will do without the right tools.

And if you are a computer repair technician, you can’t wait till you see the problem before you start getting what you need.

You have to be prepared If you want to see the good side of your clients.

The tools in this post are very important for any computer technician.

Check you tool box if all tools named here are there and…

…if not, get yours.

It will help you on the long run.


Rosewill 146-Piece Network/PC Service Tool Kit

computer repair kit

This is a multi-purpose tool for both computer and electronics repair.

You need this tool if you want to be prepared for any computer problem.


USB-to-IDE/SATA adapter

This day saving device will turn any Hard Disk Drive into an external drive.

You can use it to quickly get some files from you a naked HDD.

This tool should be in your computer repair tool kit at all times.

Hard disc problem is very common which make this adapter very useful.


iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

This is another all in one computer repair tool kit that comes handy for a computer repair work.

All in one tool kits will save you some money compared to buying each tool one after the other.

There is a good chance that you won’t regret any iFixit product because the brand is one of the in-computer repair market.

Flash Drive

computer repair kit flash drive

In this modern world, you need a flash drive.

You don’t need to take all your tools around just to install a software.

Just to keep some of your temporary files and software is enough for you to get one.

There are many flash drive in the market make sure you get a good one that is USB 3.0 because it is faster.


LED Pen Flashlight

Are you thinking that you don’t need a flashlight?

You need it, so as everybody that repairs a computer.

At times when you open up a computer, be it laptop or desktop:

One of the screws can fall down or into the computer, you can quickly use the flashlight to locate the screw.

Or you are network engineer that work with racks…

…. having a flashlight will be good because working inside the rack can be dark.


On the final note:

Don’t rush and get any of the tools listed here.

I just want you to understand that you never know the kind of problem a client will bring to you.

You just have to be prepared.

Even if you are the tech guy in the family or work place.

These tools are not as strong as car repair tools but there are strong enough for computer systems.


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