Top 4 Jobs For Computer Programmers
July 30, 2017

jobs for computer programmers1

Jobs for computer programmers are not as easy to to get as they were few years back but…

There are still a lot of opportunities in the programming space.

You can still go into programming if you want.

If you hear anyone saying negative things about getting a programming job,…

You should know in your mind that the person does not know what he’s saying.

Read on to see some of the jobs for computer programmers and if you are a starter, you can focus on the one you like and go for it.

The first on the list is web development.

Web Development

jobs for computer programmers

The work of a web developer is to design and create websites and make it look beautiful.

A web developer is also the person that will give details about the amount of traffic the site can withstand.


In some cases, web developer will be the one to provide the content for the site.

Mobile Development

These are the programmers that develop apps for mobile phones.

The demand for this job is going up and there is no sign of it declining soon because:

The number of mobile users is going up.

According to a research on this MakeUseOf post, web development is one of the best paying tech jobs.

Another programming job on this list is database development.

Database Development

jobs for computer programmers

Most programs including mobile apps use database because it enhances the functionality of a program.

A good database design will make it easy for the website to fetch and store data.

The next job for programmer is software development.

Software Development

Software development jobs are many depending on the kind of industry.


These jobs have a lot of things in common:

Understand the problem you want the software to solve, come up with the right design for the solution.


Turn the design into a program.

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