The Computer Programmer Responsibilities You Should Know
August 9, 2017

computer programmers responsibility

The main responsibility of a computer programmer is to turn a project requirement into code for the computer to understand.


Some employers will require a programmer to have a bachelor’s degree while others will require an associate degree. Computer science is the basic course for most programmers but there is nothing bad if you study any other course related to that.

Some programmers that work in special areas of life like health etc. might need to go for a course related to that area of life.

And lastly on this section, most employers will want an experienced programmer and in most cases, programmers get this experience as an intern.

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Computer Programmer Responsibilities

  • Make sure that he understands the objective of the project he is about to work on.
  • After a good understanding of the objectives of the project, the programmer will arrange the requirements of the project and come up with a flowchart for the program.
  • The programmer writes the code for the computer with help of the flowchart and work flow.
  • A programmer should be able to write codes in many computer languages.
  • Produce trial versions of the actual program so as to be sure that the intended program will do the work the employer wants.
  • Add comments to the code to make it easier to understand. The programmer also provides documentation of the program.
  • Programmers update and enhance the features of an existing program.
  • Programmer debugs and fix errors in a program
  • Just like the general public, a programmer is expected to abide with the instructions provided by the manufacturer of a device, troubleshoot in case of a problem and seek for repair when due.
  • The programming world is improving day after day so, it is the duty of the programmer to work on improving his knowledge.
  • A programmer is expected to work as team with other workers in the organisation.

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Computer Programmer And Software Developer

In some cases, programmers and software developers of the organisation work together. When this happens, it will be difficult to differentiate one from another.

In this case, as programmer you will design software, you will plan out the software, model the design and create a flowchart then you write the code and design the interface.

Most programmers work on their own but when working on a large project, other computer experts will be involved.

A Tip To Land A Programming Job

A programmer with a bachelor’s degree and knows how to code in many programming languages coupled with the understanding of latest tools, will have a cutting edge above his colleagues when looking for job.

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