How To Repair Hard Drive On Any Windows Computer
August 15, 2017

hard drive repair

Before you carry out hard drive repair on your computer, you should try to defragment the hard drive first. Then if that does not give you the performance you want, you should proceed to repair the hard drive.

In most cases, hard disk error usually occur when there is power outage, when some of the hardware fails and poor computer maintenance. And one of the easiest ways to fix this error is by making use of the Chkdsk tool on windows machine.

This tool generates a report about the hard disk and corrects any bad sector it founds on the disc. You will learn how to repair hard drive on Windows 7, 8 and 10 in post.

How To Repair Your Hard Drive On Windows 7 and 8

Open My Computer or Computer or This PC as the case may be and select the hard drive you want to check. Right click on the hard drive and select properties. Go to the tools pane and under error checking you will see Check now click it and you will see all the check disk options.

Now you have three options:

You can uncheck all the boxes and click start if you want the tool to check your hard drive in read only more.

Two, you select the automatic fix if you don’t the tool to scan your hard drive before formatting it.

Three, if you want the tool to fish out the bad sector,  repair the errors and return any readable information to you then select the Scan for and…. Option.

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How To Repair Your Hard Drive On Windows 10

The Error checking utility tool on Windows 10 is a bit different from Window 7 and 8.  The first step here is to go to This PC hint, use CTRL + E to get there quickly. When the window opens, right click on your hard drive and select properties just like what we did for Windows 7 and 8.

Go to the tools pane and you will see an option that will check you drive, click check. Check the drive and scan for errors. If the system found any error on your hard drive then repair it.

The last part of this article is the general way of repairing a hard drive using the command line interface; it is easy so let’s check it out.


The General Way To Repair Hard Drive On All Windows OS

This is old way to repair hard drive and it will require that you restart your computer on all Windows except for Windows 10.

Locate the command icon on your computer and run it as an administrator. Note that this check disk command will not work if you don’t open the command prompt as an administrator.

Most people type chkdsk and hit enter, you should not do that because that command will only check the disk and will not fix any error on it. If you want to fix the errors and do some other things on the drive, you will have to add some switches to the command.

Some of the switches you can add are /f to fix the drive and /r to recover the readable information on the drive.  So, to repair your hard drive using command prompt, after you have opened the command prompt as an administrator then type chkdsk /f /r and hit enter.

The command above should be used for a computer with one drive. But if your computer is having C:, D: and so on drives, then you should use this instead chkdsk /f /r D:

You now have the knowledge of how to repair a hard drive, don’t wait the till the hard drive starts to give you problems before you repair it. Hard drive repair should be performed at least every month.

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