Quick Ethical Hacking Tricks
July 31, 2017

Quick Ethical Hacking Tricks

You will learn how to hack a home or office router using port scanner.

Before you read further:

It is important for you to note that this tutorial is for educational purpose  only….

For you to know how you can strengthen the security of your router.

Do you know that there are thousands of routers that are using the default name and password?

The funniest part is this:

Most of these routers are connected to the internet.

This silly mistake might be because of negligence lack of proper knowledge of how to configure the router.

Because there a lot of people that knows how to connect to a router but does not know how to configure it.

So, they just continue with the default username and password.

Enough about that, let move into the ethical hacking tutorial for beginner, shall we.

The things you will need to hack a home or office router.

  • Access to the internet
  • A web browser and
  • A port scanner

You can use the port scanner of your choice but this tutorial is made using Zenmap port scanner.

Because it is simple to use and gas nice GUI.

When you get all those three things, proceed to the steps on how to hack a router.

First Step

Pick a range of public IP addresses.

You should know that the IP address of your computer will be among this range.

An example will be something like this: –

Second Step

Put this range into the port scanner and scan.

What you will look for is open port number 21, 23, and 80, which is the telnet, FTP, and HTTP consecutively.

Wait a bit for the scan and after some time you will many open ports then…

Stop the scan

Third Step

You will look for the IP address that belongs to the router.

Here, you will pick an IP address with open port.

Put the address in your browser and visit it.

When you get the right IP address:

You will see the long page and name of the router.

And an error message with a code like this “TD-1234”.

And voila, you are half way there.

Fourth Step

Add “default username and password” to the error code and search online.

You will see a page where you can get the username and password for the router.

Fifth Step

This is the final and most interesting step.

Now that you have gotten the default username and password:

You can log on into the router.

Make sure to always change the default username and password of your router.

And that concludes this tutorial.

Read on to see tips on how to protect your router from hackers.

Every router has WPA2 Wireless Encryption, enable it and make sure you use a very strong SSID and pre-shared key.

Enable wireless firewall on the router.

Don’t enable admin via wireless.