Psafe Total Antivirus (The Truth You Should Know)

pSafe is a type of scam that is installed on the user’s computer in the browser. … IE has added a Browser Help (BHO) for browsing and search management.

And in Firefox, a plugin or search plugin is added to force the default search to use the one pSafe decides to add.

How to get rid of Psafe Total Antivirus from your phone

Then select “Security”:
Click “Device Administrators”:
Click the button and you can not use PSafe Total:
Select “Deactivate” and ready. Simply uninstalling usually takes place in the Play Store or in the Application Manager.

How To Disable App In Android OS

In the latter case, you will not be able to uninstall an application without first withdrawing its administrator access. To disable application administrator access, go to the Settings menu, locate Security, and go to Device Administrators. See if the app is marked with a check mark. If so, disable it.

How to Find Your Phone Administrator

Go to SETTINGS-> Location and Security-> Device Administrator, and cancel the administrator you want to uninstall. Now uninstall the application. If you still claim to have to disable the app before uninstalling, you may need to fire it before uninstalling.

How To Remove Bloatware

Pull them one by one. The key to remove bloatware is in the Settings panel. Under Apps (or “Application Manager” on some Android versions), swipe right to see all apps installed on your device. From here, you can select individual applications to force a stop or disable.

Have you ever wondered what the reality of cyber crime is? What effects it has on the victims.

The infographic below will xplain all the details and concepts behind this hazard.

And simple ways we call all protect our selves and our loved ones from this scary technology.

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