3 Prerequisites For Computer Programming
July 30, 2017

Prerequisites For Computer Programming is not something you should take with a levity hand. Just like some other important fields, you need some basic knowledge if you want to thrive in the world of computer programming. Lets see the first one.

Prerequisites For Computer Programming

  1. You Need Your Brain

What writing a computer program really mean is; Taking a problem, usually a big one and…

Breaking it down into smaller parts.

So, thinking is this kind of way is one of the biggest prerequisites for computer programming.

But the sad truth is this; you only think in this way when you learn and write programs.

And as a starter, the easiest way to develop this kind of thinking is through the knowledge of flowchart.

Think in terms of flowchart, see things from the view of flowchart and gradually you will develop the skill of breaking down complex task into a chunk of smaller ones.

it is not difficult,it just require time and dedication.

Read on.

The next Prerequisites For Computer Programming is a computer system.

  1. A PC

You will need a computer system, no doubt about that and text editor.


You should have some google-ful skills because you will need to do some research on your own.

There are many professional programmers that learn how to program using the internet online.

What that mean is that the ability to find things online will help you a lot.

And you should be able to use the computer for minor things like renaming a file, installing and uninstalling a program etc.

  1. Pick A Programming Language

Decide the programming language you want to start with, mark it “start with”.

Don’t learn a program and stop there.

If you already have a language in mind good, if you haven’t you read this computer programming guide to get the idea of how to choose a programming language.

  1. More Prerequisites For Computer Programming

An added advantage will be a good interest in computer and the willingness to work on the computer for hours every day.

Programming is not what you will learn between a day or two, although you can add up some piece of code to create a program at the early stage but…

The real meat takes time and it will worth your time if you are patient.

The process can be very intimidating at the beginning.

You just have to keep going and tackle every difficult problem that comes your way with patience and enthusiasm.

You will need a book about the programming language you choose.

It will serve as a guide for you even if you want to source for the tutorials online.

Where you can get resources to start learning how to code

On the final note:

You should know some of the benefits of computer programming.

Just to serve as motivation whenever you are down.


Programming gives you that “I Can Do It” attitude.

That passion that will affect very part of your life positively.


It gives you the ability to understand how to solve a problem step by step.

You will only appreciate these benefits when you start seeing the in your life.

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