PCkeeper Antivirus Review (ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW)

In other to explain Pckeeper Antivirus Review, you need to fully understand PCKeeper.

Just as its name indicates, is an application that serves to prevent infections.

Optimize the performance of your computer.

Like what is being introduced on some download sites.

PCKeeper is a set of 15 tools that are also needed to support people.

However, it does not win many computer users.

Some will say that PCKeeper promises a lot and in the end does so little.

Worse, pop-up ads are activated.

Such announcements largely affect some reputable websites, including YouTube.

Pckeeper Antivirus Review

PCKeeper was originally developed by Zeobit LLC

It was founded in 2009 by Slava Kolomychuk.

PCKeeper was released in September 2010.

Kromtech Alliance acquires PCKeeper and MacKeeper from Zeobit in May 2013

In 2015, PCKeeper changed its legitimate owners from Kromtech Alliance Corp. to Essentware S.A.

Kromtech Alliance decided to focus only on Mac products.

Office Essentware S.A. is registered in Panama.

The main employees and contractors of the company remain in Ukraine.




Even the most complex optimization software cannot replace a real expert on human issues.

That’s why PCKeeper represents a revolutionary approach to caring for the system.

Have you ever introduced a personalized certified professional to take care of your system?

How PCKeeper Live works.

Just scan your system with PCKeeper.

Send the results to a technician.

Then get personalized fixes designed only for your computer.


Usually there are two main purposes of advertising.

One for promotion, and the other an additional income.

Show your ads on authoritative sites with thousands of visitors.

PCKeeper manages to obtain a high level of impact.

And get access to the maximum possible number of users on computers.

An application can cause many computer users to download and use it.

With its attractive promises and slogans.

You should know that clicking on ads will help operators make money.

Since PPC has long been widely promoted in the Internet world.

It is for this reason that more and more ads are entering our everyday life.

The more clicks you make in PCKeeper ads.

The more money an operator receives.



Virus Bulletin was created in 1989.

As a monthly paper journal, and then distributed electronically in PDF format.

The monthly publication format ended in July 2014

And the articles are now available as separate parts of the website.

The magazine is located at the headquarters of Sophos in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK.

She is a co-founder and belongs to Jan Hrushka and Peter Lamer.

Co-founders of Sophos.

Virus Bulletin claims that it has full editorial independence.

This is not in favor of Sophos products in their tests and reviews.


Technical experts from antivirus vendors wrote articles about the magazine.

It also conducts benchmarking tests for the speed of detection of antivirus software.

Products that can detect 100% of wildlife viruses.

Without false concerns, they receive the VB100 award.


The magazine holds an annual conference of computer security specialists.

In recent years, both the journals and conferences have branched out to discuss anti-spam.

And other problems with security, as well as malware.

Remarkable previous speakers are Miko Hypponen, Eugene Kaspersky and Graham Claudy.

In addition to representatives of all major antivirus software vendors.



Malicious files associated with PCKeeper can access the computer using various methods.

The main feature is joint software or free software.

Installing free programs, especially from unknown sources, can give you pop-up windows on PCKeeper.

Users basically do not know that malware free software contains a lot of advertising tools.

And they can change the browser, as well as the computer settings, to get their main goal.

Adware can integrate codes into the browser to create a pop-up window for PCKeeper.

PCKeeper can also be displayed on a clean system.

A pop-up window can be launched from the web page that you visit.

With this Pckeeper Antivirus Review, you should be able to decide on what you will do.