Why You Need A Computer Network
July 24, 2017

need of computer network

Why do we use computer networks?

Have you asked yourself the above question before?


This article is written to answer the question.

The need of computer network is obvious because:

A computer system is very useful on its own but when you have two or more computers….

…you have the chance of getting more benefits out of them collectively.

You will find a lot of benefit in networking if you are using many computers in your organization.

A simple Local Area Network is enough to share important information within the organization.

Below are some the needs of networking and its advantages.


1. To Share Resources

need of a computer network

Apart from using a computer network to share files, you can also use it to share some vital resources within your organization of business.

Some of the resources are printer, plotter and a storage system to name a few.

The cost of a computer system is low now compared to some years back but…

…. the price of buying and maintaining these resources is high.

2. To Share Files

Save yourself and coworkers the stress of copying files from computer to another.

You can easily share files between computers on a network.

You also have the option of putting privacy settings some files and documents.

Let me state another the importance of computer networking…


3. Facilitates Easy Communication

Among the reasons for networking computers is that it improves the communication between employees in an organization.

Where each employee will have an email account from the company.

An email server is enough for that.

Good communication will enhance the productivity of you workers because it will be easy to exchange ideas.

4. You Can Access Your Files Remotely

Location will not be your problem when you have a computer network in place.

You can easily access your messages, documents, and data even if you are not in the office.

This is an important need of computer network because:

Your productivity is not affected whether you are in the office or not.


5. Use In Video Games

Another role of a computer network is the multiplayer feature in a game.

Players from different places can compete with one another with the help of computer networking.


You know how interesting a game will be when the players are many.

So interesting.

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And finally:

If you think there is still another need for computer network…

… let me know in the comment below.


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