6 Cool Mobile Hacking Tricks
August 1, 2017

Mobile Hacking Tricks

You will learn some life and mobile hacking tricks in this article.


Simple Hack To Increase The Volume Of Your Phone

This is very simple to do but, the result is awesome.

Get a cup, it may be a glass cup or a metal cup.

Play a music or any audio from your phone and place the phone inside the cup.

Now listen to the increased volume of your phone.


Watch Movies On Your Phone Without Touching It

You don’t need to stress yourself by holding your phone whole watching a movie on it.


Get a piece of sunglasses, turn it upside down and place your phone on it.

Now you can watch movies without any hassle.

Increase The Charging Speed Of Your Phone

If you want to charge your phone really quickly, switch on the flight mode on your phone.

The phone will charge quicker and release less energy.


How To Make A Lightweight Case For Your Phone

Mobile Hacking Tricks

Blow some air into a balloon and place your phone on it.

Press the phone on the and slowly release the tip of the balloon to let out the air.

Cut off the nozzle of the balloon and there you have your own lightweight case for your mobile phone.

How To Turn Your Mobile Phone Into A Lantern

Put on the flash light of your phone and place it on a table or any flat surface.

Place a plastic bottle containing water on top of the light.

You will see it illuminate like a lantern when you do it in a dark room.

How To Drain Water Out Of Your Phone

Do you accidentally pour some water on your phone?

Use this trick to drain the water out.

First clean the phone with a tissue paper or a piece of cloth.

Take out the sim card and battery if possible.

Then put the phone into a bag of rice.

The rice will absorb the moisture from your phone and if you are lucky, after 24 hours the phone will be back to normal.

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