7 Quick Ways To Make Your Computer Run Faster.
August 8, 2017

Make Your Computer Run Faster (2)

Most of the things that prevent your computer from running fast are the files or programs you don’t need and in most cases these files or programs are hidden or unknown to you.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make your computer run faster by deleting these files one after the other and make your computer run faster again.


Clean Your Hard Drive

Go to My Computer and right click on your hard drive.

Select properties, under General tab, you will see Disc Cleanup, click and wait for the system to calculate the amount of space you can free from your hard drive.

Make Your Computer Run Faster

Make Your Computer Run Faster

After that, click ok to delete the unwanted files.

Make Your Computer Run Faster

Wait for the utility to clean the unwanted files from your computer. It can take some time depending on the size of the files.


Disable Unimportant Start up Programs

Open the run box and input Msconfig then hit Enter.

You will see the system configuration window, click on Startup and disable all the programs you don’t want to come up when your computer is booting.


You will not see the list of programs on that window if you are using windows 8 and above.

Just click on open task manager, and go to start up pane to see the list of startup programs.

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De-Fragment Your Hard Drive

Right click on your hard drive and select properties. Click on the Tools tab and click on Optimize.

Pick the hard drive you want to defrag and click Analyse. Wait a bit.

Then click optimized, when the system finish optimizing the hard drive then you can close that window.

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Disable The Screensaver On Your Computer

Open your screen saver settings. How? right click on the desktop and select personalize from the options.

When the personalize panel opens, look at the bottom right and click screen saver.

The settings box will open. Under screen saver click on the drop-down arrow and select None.

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Dis-Able Visual Effects On Your Computer

Right click on My Computer or This PC if you are using Windows 8 and above and select properties.

On the left-hand side of your screen, click on Advance system settings and you will see the system properties box.

Click on Performance Settings on the Advance pane.

And select the check box that says Adjust for best performance then Apply and OK.


Delete Junk Files

Make Your Computer Run Faster

Bring out your Run box using Windows key + R. then type prefetch into the box.

A folder containing the Junk files will open, highlight all the files using (Ctrl + A) and Shift + Delete to get rid of the junk files.


Temporary Files

The first step to delete temporary files is to:

Open the Run box again but this time type %temp% and hit enter Key.

A folder that contains all your temporary files will open. These files are not important to your computer anymore.

Use Shift + Delete to delete the files from your hard drive.

Skip some of the files that doesn’t delete.

The second step:

Type Temp into the Run box, click OK and delete all the files you see in the folder.

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