Luke Filewalker Antivirus (COMPLETE INFO)

Luke Filewalker Antivirus comes with Avira antivirus.

Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG is a German multinational software security company.

Provides anti-virus software, Internet security, confidentiality, identification.

And performance tools for computers, smartphones, servers and networks.

He provided everything that concerns software and cloud services.

Headquarters Avira is located near Lake Constance, in Tettingen, Germany.

The company has additional offices in the US, China, Romania and the Netherlands.

According to OPSWAT, about 9.6% of the world market share.



And more than 100 million customers, Avira is considered the sixth largest supplier of antivirus in 2012.

Luke Filewalker is a scan-tracking window

It opens when the anti-virus scan runs on Avira.

Someone in “Avira” has a sense of humor that looks like.

I┬áthink that Luke Filewalker is from Star wars – Luke Skywalker


Luke filewalker antivirus is the Avira Anti-Virus Scanner module, which is mandatory.

Therefore, there is no need to delete this function.

If you want to configure this module, you can use the configuration tool.

If I remember correctly, Luke Filewalker is the process of scanning your files for possible viral infections.

I do not recommend getting rid of it.

But you can simply uninstall Avira or disable scheduled anti-virus checks on your computer.



Click the “Start” button on your computer.

Type msconfig in the search box, and then press ENTER.

Now click on the “Run” tab at the top of the “System Configuration” window.

Click to clear the scan before writing to the “avgnt” startup element.

Click “Apply”, then “Close”.

Restart the computer.

If necessary, double-click the Avira AntiVir shortcut icon on the desktop.

Just use the program as a scanner on request.


Follow the instructions below:

Open the Avira Management Center and open the “Configuration” menu

in the configuration -> Computer protection -> System scanner Turns off scanning in the registry

And click OK to save the configuration.

Scan your computer using the following scan profiles:

  1. Scanning rootkits and active malware
  2. Local Hard Drives



Since 2014, Avira has removed its own firewall technology.

Instead, Windows Firewall protection is provided.

Because in Windows 8 and later, the Microsoft Certification Program makes developers use the interfaces introduced in Windows Vista.



For the first time in 2013, the Avira Protection Cloud (APC) was introduced.

It uses information available through the Internet to improve detection and reduce system performance.

This technology was applied to all paid products in 2013.

Initially, APC is used only in manual scanning of the system.

Later, it was extended to protect in real time.

This improved the assessment of Avira in AV-Comparatives and the report for September 2013.



AV-Comparatives is an independent Austrian organization that tests.

Evaluates antivirus software.

Regular release of charts and reports that are freely available to the public and the media.

Antivirus vendors must meet various reliability requirements.

And reliability to take part in the tests.

AV-Comparatives publishes relevant awards.

Based on the overall performance of the anti-virus software according to several test criteria.

It is also supported by the University of Innsbruck and other academic institutions from around the world.

Like the Federal Government of Austria and the Tyrolean Regional Government



A set of Android packages (APK) is the batch file format used by the Android operating system.

Distribution and installation of mobile applications and middleware.

APK files are similar to other software packages, such as APPX in Microsoft Windows


Deb packages on operating systems based on Debian, such as Ubuntu.

To create an APK, you first build the program for Android.

And then all its parts are packed into a file.

The APK file contains all the code, resources, assets, certificates and manifest of this program.

As in many file formats.

APK files can have any name if the file name ends with “.apk”.


The last note.

Avira was my idea for many years.

It captures items that are missing from TrendMicro and Symantec.

I switched to AVG because AVG was not enough.

I have several clients who use WebRoot.

Luke Filewalker Antivirus is a good part of Avira antivirus.

Luke Filewalker Antivirus