Kofax Capture Api Reference Guide

Kofax Capture Api Reference Guide from the above resolutions which is part of the Kofax Capture Api Reference Guide directory.

The subsequent article shows any use case in employing the new scan api, coming with SP1 of Kofax Capture 10.

A specimen application is available with the Source list of the Kofax Capture installation under %u2026SourceSample ProjectsStdCustScanApiSamplePanel.

The organization case you want to solve is referred to as follows:

We should scan duplex and for document separation we use patch codes.

For the following custom module we must flag all pages using a CustomStorageString.

If the tiff was grabbed from the front camera we want to set its value to %u201C0%u201D and also…

 to %u201C1%u201D if your tiff was grabbed with the rear camera.

To preprocess these records we have to use the new available event KfxOcxEventScanPageEnd.


For each scanned page this is fired.

This applies also to the pages containing the patch code.

In that time the tiff file just isn’t even put in the image folder in the batch.

After this event is fired you need to use the functions GetKImgp() and GetKScan() in the AscentCaptureModule.Application object.


If you utilize c# your project has to be a minimum of .NET 4. Associated with the dynamic language runtime and the usage of the DynamicObject class.


dynamic kimgp = _kofaxApplication.GetKImgp()



kimgp is marked as dynamic and the compiler does not know the type of it.

Actually is well liked doesn’t know its member LifeIsGood().

Limited to runtime using this method is resolved depending on the actual object!

It is related to the late binding in VB with CreateObject() .

In the event you coded wrongly kimgp.LifeIsGoo() next the will simply cause an error at runtime %u2013 the compiler doesn’t mark this line as faulty!


Moreover that means that you don%u2019t understand the properties or strategies to these objects during design time.


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Kofax Capture 10..2 Release Notes

This Kofax Capture 10. product documentation can be downloaded in the Kofax Capture 10.

Release Notes Documents Article (# 12590) or Kofax Capture 10.

Product Documentation Article (# 12589), accessible in the Kofax Capture Product Documentation (Master) Article (# 12287) perfectly located at the Kofax Portal Understanding.


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Kofax Capture Api Reference Guide Changes in Behavior

For information regarding the behavior changes manufactured in Kofax Capture 10.. (10., initial release).

Please reference the Changes in Behavior section beginning on site 7 from the Kofax Capture 10 Release Notes document.