Java Tutorial for Beginners – Original Step by Step
July 31, 2017

Prerequisites For Computer Programming

Summary: The History Of Java Programming

Java which was created for interactive television in 1991 by James Gosling, Mike Sheridan and Patrick Naughton but the programming language is bigger that television industry.

The structure of the program is quite similar to other programs like C and C++ because the three programs use the same style syntax.

Java is one of the most commonly used programming languages not only on the internet but also on most devices that we use every day.


Some Of The Benefits Of Java To Other Languages

Java is friendly to beginners

A beginner can easily grasp the language without much trouble.

One big reason why this Programming language was created is to be easy to learn, write, compile, and debug.

Java programs can run on any machine provided that the machine is having JVM installed on it.


Java is a multithreaded programming language.

Multithreading is a feature common in most programming languages.

It allows a program to perform other tasks concurrently within that same program.

In this aspect of programming:

Most programming languages will have to call some instruction from the operating system.

Java program already have multithreading integrated into it.

Uses Of Java

Android App

Do you know that Android apps are written in Java programming language?

It is interesting.

If you will learn the language, there are a lot of big opportunities waiting for you.


Used to Design Scientific Applications

Java is the go-to programming language for scientific applications simply because:

Java is portable, secure and has good maintainability compared to other programming languages.

This is an important use of java programming in real world applications

Some other uses of java in daily life are:

  • Server Apps at Financial Services Industry
  • Web applications
  • Software
  • Trading Application

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Step By Step Tutorial On Java Programming