How To Disable Npav Antivirus In 10 Ways

I expect you to know this article is on how to disable NPAV antivirus and not how to uninstall it.

If you want to uninstall, that is quite simple.

Locate the control panel on your computer and go to install and uninstall programs.

You don’t need 10 ways on how to disable a program.

On or two ways is OK for you. Ride on.

Before we talk about How To Disable Npav Antivirus

You need to understand how to disable npvport

How to disable this service.

Open a command prompt as an admin.

Nothing trickery about that. Just right click on command prompt after searching for it and open as admin.

Copy  command line and Paste.

sc stop “NPVProt”

sc config “NPVProt” start= disabled

How to delete this service.

sc delete “NPVProt”

if you understand this procedure, you can use it on NPAV aswell.

But if you don’t, don’t worry just read on.


Number two

Let’s get to npav antivirus.

How To Disable Npav Antivirus

If you look at your windows notification area (right hand side of your task bar), you will see the icon of Npav antivirus.

Right click on it and select disable.

Many programs provide more options like disable for some minutes, till the next reboot etc.

How To Disable Npav Antivirus