How To Check MacAfee Antivirus Expiry Date

This post is on how to check MacAfee antivirus expiry date and to begin with, let me explain two things to you.

Most antivirus companies have two things in common. One, these companies are after what will make the devices of their customers more secure.

That is the first and the most important one. Second, each of them wants to be the Holi grail place to where every computer and mobile device user will get all their needs in terms of security.

One of these companies is McAfee. It does not fall short on any of those two points.

You must have noticed that most antivirus companies require their users to purchase a license.

Especially when the user wants to install the antivirus on more computers.

Most of them do that but McAfee does not. You can install the program on as many computers as you like, your subscription details are in your McAfee account.

That is what leads to where we are going, how to check McAfee antivirus expiry date. You might have guessed it.

How To Check MacAfee Antivirus Expiry Date

How To Check MacAfee Antivirus Expiry Date

As a McAfee antivirus user, you registered the product online. Go to McAfee home and click on login at the top right. Just like most websites.

You will log in with the details you provided when you registered the account. It’s quite simple, email address and password.

Login successfully? Good. Look at the top and locate My Account link. Open it.

On your account page, you will see My Products link as well. Open it and a list of all your subscriptions will appear.

From there you can see the expiry date of the McAfee product you want.

McAfee sends out automated messages to users when their subscription is about to expire. This will keep you informed beforehand.


How To Check McAfee ePO License Expiration Date

From the homepage, got to Menu then Software, then License. This will work for all products associated with you McAfee ePO.

Please note that McAfee trust its customers and as result, your McAfee ePO license is not monitored.

That does not mean you should misbehave with the product. Remember it is 5 years imprisonment if you do so.