Build The Computer Of Your Choice In 3 Simple Steps
July 31, 2017

how to build a computer

Building a computer can be a hard work in the mind of some one that is new to the game.

But trust me, it is a thing that you can do.

The information in this guide will take you from planning out the kind of computer you want to build.


How to connect the pieces together step by step.

Some of the reasons why you need to build your own computer are as follows:

When you build your own computer, you build what will fit your needs.

The kind of computer that will fit in into the work you are doing.

Apart from that, building you own computer can also save you some money.


First Step On How To Build a Computer

This is where everything starts from.

You need to know the kind of computer you want before you can build the one of your choice.

If you need the computer for gaming, check the specs required for the games.

Or if it is graphics design or video editing, do some research for the kind of computer specifications you will need.

Second Step How To Build a Computer

List of components to build a computer

What parts do i need to build a gaming PC?

Computers use almost the same components.

These components might be different in grades depending on the work you want to be using the computer to do.

You will learn about these components here:

Your work is to look for the specification that will suit your purpose.


how to build a computer

The central Processing Unit is usually referred to as the brain of the computer.

Most of the CPU’s are multitasking.

This means that:

All modern CPU performs multiple tasks at the same time but…

Depending on how good the CPU is, the rate at which these CPU perform tasks are different.


This is the component of the computer that joins every other component together.

There are slots on it where you connect the RAM, CPU, Power Pack etc.


Random Access Memory is the part of computer that stores programs temporarily for the CPU.

It usually boosts the speed of the computer because when the CPU can access temporary quickly the processing will be fast.

This will in turn improve the speed of the computer system.


This device is helps to improve the graphics of the computer. It is popularly known as graphics card.


Hard Disk stores file and programs permanently unlike RAM which is a temporary storage.

Having a hard disk with large size is good for your computer as a whole.

It will help the speed of our computer because one of the causes of a slow computer is a filled hard disk.

The size will vary based on the purpose your computer will serve.

CD/DVD Drive

how to build a computer 3 steps

You will need this on your computer also.

You will need to read the content of a CD/DVD.

Power Pack

This takes an incoming electric power and converts it into what the computer will use.

Power pack is responsible for AC/DC conversion.


The case is the container or metal box that houses every other components of the computer.

Most of the components mentioned above are general ones.

You might need some components that are not on the list, it does not mean that you shouldn’t get it.

After you have gotten all the components you will use to make your new computer the next step is the real and final work.

Third And Final Step

This is the actual step where you build your computer.

To make it fun and easy, here is a practical video to guide you through.