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Computer Typing Tips: Boost Your Speed With These 3 Tips
August 13, 2017

computer typing tips

We are now in the computer age where every day we need to interact with the computer and in most cases, using the keyboard. So you can see the advantage of knowing how to use the keyboard perfectly.

You can be sure that that your productivity will improve when you know how to type fast. Apart from improvement in productivity, our minds can only take information for few seconds, when you are fast at typing; you can easily put down this information without escaping your mind.

Come on lets go to the computer typing tips that will improve your keyboard typing accuracy and by so doing, improve your productivity.

Home Row Keys

Do you that there is a little horizontal line (Like a hyphen) on the F and J key on your keyboard. The reason for this line is to let you feel the F and J keys without looking at the keyboard.

Place your index fingers on F and J then spread the other fingers on the keys beside F and K. like ASDF for the left hand and JKL for the right hand.

These keys are called the Home Row Keys and are there to serve as the starting point and ending point for your fingers.

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Familiarize Yourself With The Keys

When you are just starting out, your target should be how you will get yourself familiar with the home keys. Try to get the picture in your head and type without looking at the keyboard.

If you have been typing for a while and you have mastered the home keys, the next thing is to familiarize yourself with the most used words and words that give you problem when typing.

It is easy to look and type but on the long run, it will not be the best thing for you. Do the little work now by practicing correctly.

Some other things that most people do is typing with few fingers and not using both hands. Usually, you will be comfortable using some of your fingers but if you really want to maximize you typing skills, type with the hands and use all your fingers.

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Finger Motion

Don’t ever look at the keyboard when our typing, it is one of the vital mistakes you should avoid at all cost. You will want to have the image of the position of each key in your head.

So, place your hands on the home keys with the help of the lines on F and J. try to use the nearest finger to key you want to type, don’t over stretch any finger.

Focus On Accuracy

At first, don’t be too consigned with your speed. Don’t fall into that pit that most beginners fall into. Your focus should be on how you will master the keys without looking and accuracy of each word you type. Speed is the last thing and it comes when you practice often.

Ask more from yourself, when you develop the ability of getting better all the time, you will be surprised with the way your typing skills will improve. As a final note, type only what you see or read in the text, don’t edit the words or sentence as you type.

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