Computer Repair (TIPS & TECHNIQUES): An Easy How To Guide
July 8, 2017

computer repair

I don’t know if you have experienced this scenario before whereby you take your computer to a repair shop and you later find out that the problem only requires a minor work.

Whether you like it or not you have to pay for that minor work. This computer repair guide will give you something like a first aid for your computer before you even think of taking it out for repair.


Reasons to Fix Your Computer by Yourself

A lot of people believe that they have to be a Mr. Know All in other to repair a computer.

Computer repair is not as difficulty as people portray it. You can do it.

You can solve the most difficult computer problem if you are willing to understand some little information about your computer.

The minimum thing you can do is to take action on the information you will get in this guide.

The information here is easy and will solve most of the problems computer users face.

Before you get to the common computer problems, here are some the reasons why you should consider repairing your computer yourself.

It Will Save You Some Money

I don’t care how heavy you are in terms of cash, repairing your computer for free is still the best. It can save you a lot of money.

Cheap Tools

Are you the type that thinks that very expensive hardware and software tools are needed to repair your computer?

No, most of the tools are available for free online. Even the service center you want to take your computer to use them.

Its Faster

You will get your computer back on track faster because you are the only client.

You Can Do It

Can you follow some simple information in order? Can you ask some questions when you are in doubt? And you can think in a logical way, that’s all you need to repair your computer confidently.

Below are some computer problems and their solutions, if any of the solutions listed below help you good and if not, let me know in the comment box.

The Basics Of Computer Networking

Common Computer Problems and Solutions

The computer system will not work the way it should if there are some abnormalities in any of its components.

The majority of computer problems are common and are easy to do without giving hundreds of dollars out to a computer repair center.

 Common Solution to Most Computer Problems

Even if it will be once, restart your computer system before taking it out.

If problem won’t allow you to restart, then power it off and on it again.

This simple thing has helped me many times.


Use the System Diagnostic Tool

There is a built-in diagnostic tool on each computer. its basic function is to let you know the problem with your computer.

This tool is common in Dell and HP, if you dig a bit you will find it in other brands as well.

To use this tool, restart your computer and immediately it shutting down take the following steps base on the brand you are using.


Press (or continuous tap) F12. It will bring up the diagnostic menu use the arrow keys on your keyboard to select what you want the tool to do.


F2 will take you to the diagnostic menu and from there you can initiate the process.

At the end of the diagnostic one or more error codes will be displayed base on the problem on your computer.

Take note of the error code because that’s what you are going to use to get the solution.

You can get help by searching the error code on the internet or by visiting the manufacture’s website.


Get Rid of Virus, Spyware, and Malware from Your Computer For Free

You don’t need to fight your PC when it is infected.

If you can understand that your computer is infected, then you don’t need to pay someone to get it fixed.

These people you want to take it to are not having some holy grail tools.

What they will use for you is a good antivirus that you too can get for yourself.

When you know that the computer is infected the first that you should think is how to scan it.

It is a good thing If an antivirus warns you about a program because some virus or malware generally will not infect your computer.

so when you see that warning take action.


The Best Free Antivirus You Can Get

It is a combination of three tools, antivirus, a malware scanner and anti-spyware.

You can easily download MSE here after you download, make sure to update it and scan your computer with it.

It advisable to always update your Windows OS and enable your windows firewall.

When you are through with the Microsoft Security Essential, another great tool that you will find useful is MalwareBytes.

I don’t know the category to put this tool but all I know is that this program fish out malicious stuff that other antivirus and anti-spyware did not.

It is an amazing tool but it is not free forever.


The Problem with A Specific Page in Web Browser.

When you experience an internet problem and you are sure that everything is set up properly, clear the browser’s cache before you even think of any other thing.

What is a browser’s cache and how can I clear it?

Good question.

Cache is used to speed up your internet connection by saving some useful files from a visited site on your hard disk.

In other words, some files like site logo will save on your computer so as to speed up your connection when you visit the site some other time.

This process is known as cache (Pronounced like “cash” as in money).

Now that you understand what a browser’s cache is, let’s talk about the simplest way to clear it.

By simply holding CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE on all browsers, the cache window will open.

Select the cache and the time range you want to clear. It is important to restart the browser after this process.

Please note that most web browsers call cache “cache” except IE (Internet Explorer) that call it Temporary Internet Files.


Internet Problems Cause by A Lot of Cookies.

Do you notice that you can’t log into some sites?

Do you see many error messages when you try to access a website but you can visit the site on another computer?

Friend, it is time to clear your cookies. This is a minor thing that some people pay to get it solved.


Pop Ups Keep Appearing on Your Computer

You can simply use ad-blocker on your browser when browsing but what of pop up that appear even when you are not browsing.

These are kind of pop-ups are sneaky and difficult to remove from your computer.

They are called adware and a form of malware.

To get rid of any adware from your computer, you will need to scan your computer with a good antivirus and anti-malware program.

You can use MSE and MalwareBytes.

Another way to remove adware is to search online the name of the advertiser + adware remover, you will find this name on the pop up (adware).

Someone might have experienced this pop up before you and got an idea on how to remove it.


Computer That Does Not Startup


image source

When a computer does not startup or it shuts down suddenly, the first thing you will have to do is to check the power source.

Check if the power pack is working properly. If it is a laptop, check the charger.

Test the charger on another laptop.

How To Service Your Own Computer


Your Computer is Showing Blank Screen

Do you notice that the screen is blank after you power up your computer?

The likely cause of this problem is the connection between computer and monitor.

Check the signal cable (the cable connecting your computer to the monitor it usually has blue big ends).

Check if the monitor is connected to the power source properly.

In the case of a laptop, it will be worn out cable within the computer and you can get the help of a professional for that.


Your Keyboard or Mouse Is Not Working.

If any of this devices are connected to your computer using USB port, unplug and insert into another USB port.

Another thing you can do is to restart the computer.

When any of these devices is not working long press the power button to restart the system.

Simple Fixes For Most Computer Problems


The Problem From a Software

Some computer problems are software related.

This can happen when you just install, use or make changes to the software.

Back up your saved files for the program then uninstall it completely and reinstall it again.


Increase The Speed of a New Computer.

There are some programs installed on new computers by the manufacturer.

These programs are called bloatware and even if you reset a computer you will still find them on the computer.

Nine times out of ten, you will not find this bloatware useful.

Manufacturers are paid just to install these programs on their product.

Bloatware can reduce the speed of your computer, especially during startup.

Before you install any program on a new computer check the bloatware that comes with it and uninstall the ones you don’t need.

Take note of hardware drivers you wouldn’t want to uninstall those.

A simple and common tool that will help to uninstall any bloatware is PC DECRAPIFIER.

Another alternative way to get rid of bloatware is by reinstalling the operating system.


Your Computer is Too Slow.

In most cases, if your computer is very slow you should delete some unnecessary files from your hard drive.

You can also get an external hard drive to make your computer run faster.

Uninstall some programs you are not using.

Disable some programs from the startup.

Scan the computer registry regularly. You can even schedule this task.

Install antivirus and anti-spyware.

Are you not satisfied with the speed after you have done all that is explained above, then you can perform a simple upgrade of your RAM.

Upgrading the RAM of your computer is a simple thing as long as you get the right one for your computer even if it is a laptop.

You can also upgrade the Hard Disk Drive or get a new one. Some of the benefits of hard disk upgrade are that it will enhance the speed of the machine and also increase its storage space.


Your Internet Connections Keeps Dropping

Surfing the net is fun but when your internet connection is getting disconnected over and over, then that fun is out of it.

In a lot of cases, the problem occurs due to one simple thing.

The simple fix can be to either check the connection on your modem, phone line or check the cable you are using is if it is okay and has not cut somewhere.

Other causes of this kind of problem can be a bad network interface card, driver or virus.


A Freezing Computer

A software or a hardware connected to the computer can make it freeze.

You need to figure out the cause of this problem. If this freezing problem occurs after you added a hardware to the system then it is a software conflict.

An additional HDD (Hard Disk Drive) can increase the heat within the computer which can make it freeze at a certain stage.

The low power supply can also make your computer freeze.

When you observe that your computer is having this issue, then you should off it just to make it rest for a while.

Most of the computers that are always working all the time, you need to put them off for some time when they develop a problem.

If the computer is a laptop then you will have to remove the battery.

When power is disconnected from a computer, it makes the computer rest the hardware and clear its memory.


Your Computer Is Always Hot

Heat is not good for electronics so when you notice this kind of problem, please quickly take action.

First, you will need to shut down the computer and disconnect the power cable remove the battery in case of a laptop.

Open up the casing and blow away the dust in it using a vacuum.

It is not necessary for you to open up your computer if it is a laptop just blow the dust in the fan ports gently.

Cleaning your computer is a good practice you don’t need to wait for a problem to occur before you clean it.

If there are two or more hard disk in your desktop computer, don’t place them next to each other. Use the CD or DVD space if available.

Before you close the casing, make sure that you check all the cables to make sure that everything is connected.

Avoid using much pressure when you want to insert anything on the motherboard.


Try System Restore

System Restore is a handy computer repair tool that will get rid of a recent software or upgrade on the computer.

There are many ways to get to the system restore point but the easiest you can use is by typing rstrui in run box (Windows Key + R).

Make sure you are ready for system restore because once you start it, you cannot stop or reverse the changes it will make to your computer.


How To Remove Bad Sectors Of Your Hard Disk

This is one of the best preventive maintenance you should do regularly.

The hard Disk on your computer is like a big store and as time goes by, it gets cluttered and some sectors within it get bad.

When this happens, the performance and speed of your computer will be affected.

A simple Windows utility that can help you is the chkdisk utility.

Open the command prompt as an administrator and type chkdisk the hit enter.

It will find the bad sectors and repair them without affecting your files.

Leave the system to check your hard disk, you will see the result when the computer is done.

Chkdsk utility is a good preventive maintenance for your computer. Do it once in a while.


Tired OF Your Slow Computer

Have you tried all you could and yet your computer still runs like a snail, you can try reinstalling the OS.

It can help and it’s better than you getting a new system because your old one is too slow.

Some years ago, one of my friends wanted to get a new computer because he was tired of the old one being too slow.

It was funny, why would you do that? You don’t even need to take it to any computer repair shop.

The fact is that after using your computer for some time, many programs will fill the startup, many files on your hard disk and other things like.

Don’t just jump to the conclusion of buying a new one.

Check some of the ways I have highlighted in this post before you reinstall the OS and I hope you find them helpful (in most cases they do help).

It is not only when your computer becomes slow that you need to reinstall OS.

When some important files or an unknown error is disturbing you and you’ve tried all you can to get it fixed then you can reset the computer to factory state.


Your Computer Does Not Power Up

When your computer does not switch on the first thing to check will be the power outlet.

Check the power cable and if everything is fine from the power outlet then move to the power pack, check the switch at the back of your power pack if it is at the right place.

Disconnect the power supply and open the computer casing, check all the connectors from the power pack to the motherboard and confirm if everything is connected appropriately.

Remove the ram and place it back again.


You See BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) Or Your Computer Does Not Boot

Image credits: How To Geek

While your computer is booting, it displays blue screen or it doesn’t even display anything and you notice that the computer is ON from the rolling of the fan, light and other signals.

Check if you can get to Windows desktop from the safe mode if that is possible, it is a software that is causing the problem. Look for the software and uninstall it from safe mode.

Change the monitor when your computer does not display anything to confirm if it is your monitor that is faulty.

If you are using a laptop, try connecting it to another screen either TV using HDMI or another monitor using the signal cable.

Check if the RAM is working fine. Shutdown the computer and disconnect it from the power supply.

Remove the RAM and power up the computer, the computer will give some beeping sounds to indicate that RAM is missing.

Off the computer again and this time replace the RAM one after the other and test.

From there you can know if it is the RAM that needs to be replaced.

If the problem still persists, try reinstalling the operating system, try another HDD or video card and the last resort is to replace the motherboard.

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Laptop Screen Repair

Do you have a laptop with a broken screen and you want to repair the screen? The info in this section is all you need.

Repairing the screen of a laptop is not a big deal, what you will be doing is just the replacement of the broken one.

First, you will need to get the specific screen you will use to replace the old one. You can order it online.

Let me tell you how to deal with a broken screen before you get a replacement after that I will explain how to repair the screen of a laptop.

Alternative Way To Fix Computer Screen Problem


Do you know that most modern TV has a port called HDMI port and likewise, most laptops have this port?

Check the back or side of you TV and check the left and side of your laptop (in most cases) usually located beside the LAN port or the cooling fan space of HP laptops.

Using an HDMI cable, you can connect these two ports together and you will be using your TV as the monitor.

Simple huh? You can continue using this method if you like.

Replace Your The Screen

The only thing you will need to replace the screen is a tiny little screwdriver. And the first thing to do is to power off your laptop and remove its battery.


1. You have to be careful with the screen.

2. You need to get a magnet or a small place to keep the screws because they can get lost quickly.

3. Make sure you separate the screws you remove from each stage of the repair.

Remove the part of your laptop guiding the sides of the screen using the screwdriver.

Some laptops will hide the screws behind some rubber stickers. You need to remove these stickers before you will see the screws.

Put your screwdriver to work and once the screws are off take off the plastic cover (with your fingernail or something of such).

After that, you will see the nitty gritty of your screen and how it is attached to your laptop.

The screen is attached to your computer using one or two connectors (at the back of the screen) and the screws.

So, unscrew the screen from your laptop carefully.

Then look at the back of the screen to locate the connector(s) and remove it from the screen.

Again, these connectors are very fragile be careful while doing this.

Connect the new screen but make sure to test it before putting the screws just to confirm if it works or not.

Put the screws back the way you remove them. And that’s it


How to Fix Laptop Screen Scratches?

The process of fixing the scratches on your laptop or phone screen is a very simple one and you don’t need any special tool.

The things you will use are

  1. Soft cloth (Lint free)
  2. Cotton wool
  3. Toothpaste
  4. Petroleum Jelly

As you can see, all the of them are household items. Follow the steps below.

Put toothpaste on the tip of your finger and rub it on the scratches.

Rub the area with the soft cloth.

Put some jelly on the cotton wool and use it to rub the area.

Wipe the area with the cloth.

This is the simplest way to fix the scratches on a screen be it laptop or phone.


Where Can I Repair My Computer

It is normal to think of a computer repair center whenever have a problem with your computer.

I will advise you to check some of the computer repair tips above before taking that PC out for repair.

If you have checked and the tips and still can’t fix your computer after trying your best effort, then you can get a professional to help you fix it.

The information given below will help you get the best place to fix your computer.

Look for computer repair centers in your area or you can go online just make sure your area is included in the search.

When you find a center, look for reviews about the center to help you decide whether to take your computer to them or not.

If many clients have good experience with a computer repair center, you stand the chance of having good things to say about their service as well.

Don’t be fooled by an advert. Although, the ad might be true and their service might be the best but the advertisement cannot tell you that.

If you have a bad experience with a computer repair shop, don’t make the mistake the second time.If you have found a center, take some time to study the technicians if they know what they are doing and are willing to be helpful.

If that is not the case, I will advise you to look for another one.

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Who Is a Computer Repair Technician?

When your computer is sick (having a problem), it probably needs some repair.

The person that will help you to repair it is called a computer repair technician.

They perform maintenance and repair not only on computers but servers as well.

Their job includes hardware and software installation and configuration, software update, setting up and maintaining computer networks.

As you can see, their job is a fine and interesting one.

If you are a computer repair technician, you can work in many places be it public or private sectors.


What You Need to Become a Computer Technician

As you all know, technology is not waiting for anyone so, new and upcoming technicians are required to obtain certificates from adequate institutions.

But the honest truth is that most the knowledge you need in this field cannot be giving to you in schools, weird but true, most computer technicians develop this knowledge by getting their hands dirty.

In other words, you don’t just read and pass your school exams and think you are now a technician, no.

You have to get the real practical training and work on yourself.

Computer repair is performed by certified and experienced people and most of them don’t have a lot of formal training.

Some people can specialize in certain part of the field like system administration, data recovery and so on.

One of the beauties of being a computer technician is that you can do the work as a freelancer, you can be a consultant and get you own computer repair firm in your vicinity and be self-employed.

Just like most professions, there are different kinds of computer technicians.

Those that take the work like a hobby, those that feel motivated doing it, those that do it just to get some quick cash and those pros that are ingrain in the profession.

Computers can develop a problem in many ways as you can see from the problem and solution section in this guide.

From incorrect settings, malware (virus and spyware) issues, hardware and software, and up to the operating system.

Some computer technicians work on-site, just like those that work in a company or firm.

Others work off site where people take their computers to them for repair.


How You Can Start a Computer Repair Business and Make Money

Are you the person that people call when they need some help or want to fix their computer?

You have the experience on how to make PC work effectively and you have that computer repair prowess then I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t get paid to do that.

You can get into the business with little to no cash quickly.

Everybody including big companies use and depend on their computer to work.

But these devices get faulty at one point in time at and the service of people like you and I will be required.

If you know what you are doing, there lot of work and money in this business.


Little But Important Things To Put In Mind

The first thing you need to do is decide how you want to run your business.

Do you want your clients to bring their computer to you or you will go to their houses to repair?

Do want to sell parts and repair at the same time? Don’t over think this because you can always improve your decision later.

Get a name for your business, it’s very important.

Develop a business structure and open an account for the business.

Time is a very important thing in the computer repair business and most technicians charge their customers at an hourly rate.

Don’t make the mistake of charging low rate at the beginning thinking that it will get you more clients, it won’t do you more good.

Know the rate other technicians in your locality charge by doing some basic research, you can find it on their website if they have one.

If there is any part you will buy to repair a computer, make the price worth your time.

It is always good to plan ahead. Write a business and marketing plan for your business.

In any business, marketing is very important. Look for how you will be getting your clients and try to be good to them because that is what will help you in the long run.

Nobody will know you exist if you just sit on your ass in your house or shop if you don’t market your business.

You need to get yourself known by creating handbills, one or two billboards, fliers and so on. Think of a gathering in your locality and share these things there.

One of the best ways to market your business and service now is through a website and I see no reason why you shouldn’t get one for your work.

On the site, let people know how to contact you, show them some reviews and tell them your rate if you wish.

As much as you need to update your tools to be able to work with the latest technology and threats, you need to update your knowledge as well.

Don’t be too overconfident by thinking you will handle anything on the go.

Don’t be an outdated techy follow the trends related to your work.


Advantages Of A Computer Technician Business

As I have mentioned earlier, there is a lot of work which means a lot of money for you if you know what you are doing (you have no problem with that too if you follow this guide).

The business is stable and it’s not going anywhere.

Everybody and their dogs now have a computer lol, you have no problem just have the knowledge.

Another benefit is that you can do it part time. If you are a student or you have another job, you can take computer repair as a part time work and still earn some cash at the end of the day.

You can work at your own pace. Clients will usually drop their computer to you so it is up to you to begin work at that moment or work on it later.


Challenges of a Computer Technician Business

Gaining clients at the beginning can be a bit hard but if you can make the few you have at that time happy, they will help and promote you a lot.

In this business, you don’t stop creating awareness for yourself. You continue to market your business.

Once in a while, you will encounter a complicated and difficult computer that can require some tools you don’t have at that time or even some knowledge you don’t have (the likelihood of this is low if you update your knowledge). you can charge more for the work and out to another technician.

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