The Computer Network Features You Should Know
July 31, 2017
computer ntwork features
Credits: Netvantaget

A computer network has many features and probably some that you don’t know about.

And it can be frustrating when a colleague mentions a feature and…

You don’t understand what it means.

You have nothing to worry about anymore.

In this post you will understand everything you need to know on computer network features.

Computer Network Features


These are computers that provide resources to other computers on the network.

Servers store files and programs for other machines.

There many types of servers, from mail server, file server, communication server to web servers.

A sever can perform more than one function.

For example, you can have a web server that will also function as mail server.

When you have a server, you know it needs to serve something.

The computer that a server serves is called a client.


Clients are computer on the network that requests for resources from the server.

These computers access any shared resources on the server including the network connection.

Wall Jack

These are like the electronic outlets in your room:

It is usually placed on the wall.

But instead carrying electricity, wall jack or wall plate carries network signals from the patch panel (more on that below).

Users of the network will just plug their Ethernet cable to the wall jack and…

Connect it to their computer.

Transmission Media

Transmission media is the path through which two connected devices communicate with each other.

Examples of network transmission media are twisted pair, coaxial and optical fiber cables.

You can also call transmission media a channel or link in the network

Patch Panel

computer network features
By Insecsolutions

A patch panel is a panel that contains many ports and…

Each port is connected through a cable to another port in a certain part of the building.

Patch panel is usually used in a network setup that consists of many wall jacks.


It is usually placed in the center of the building.

Shared data

Another feature of network is the shared data.

These are the data, documents, and files that are hosted on a file server for users of the network.

In some scenarios, privilege will be given to some files than others.

This means that:

Some users might need to provide an authentication before they can access some of the shared data.

This kind of servers can share hardware peripherals like printers and scanners for the users of the network.

Local Operating System

This is the operating system that gives your local computer the basic software it needs to access the resources on the network and install other software.

Without a local operating system on a computer, you can do anything on that computer.

Network Operating System (NOS)

These types of OS allow users of a network to access shared data and resources on the network.

With network operating system, the network can share users, security features etc.

And it is mostly used in Local Area Network.

Network Operating System is more available on its own as:

It now comes as a part of new operating systems.


A rack is a metal box that is used to keep modems and networking hardware devices like switches, routers, hubs and servers.

It usually contains a place holder on which these devices will be mounted.

Because these devices produce heat while working…

Racks are created in such way that air can free move and out and it in some cases:

Some racks do have with a cooling system.

Some other computer network features are Network Interface Card, Hub, Switch, and Router.

You will find a detailed explanation of each device here in networking basics.