Simple Steps To Perform Computer Memory Upgrade
August 8, 2017

Computer Memory Upgrade

One of the factors that will make your computer run faster is the RAM memory.

So, if your computer is running slow and you have check other likely causes but still no changes:

Then you can give computer memory upgrade a chance.

But before you go and purchase any RAM, check out the information of your computer so as to know the kind of RAM you will buy.


The size of RAM your computer needs.

How Much Memory Do I Have?

Right Click on My Computer or This PC and select properties, look under “View Basic Information About Your Computer”.

Look at the system information and you will see the amount of installed RAM, the Processor speed and so on.


How Much Memory Do I Need?

Depending on the programs you have on your computer, 8GB or RAM is enough for most computers.

But if you have programs like heavy games or some graphic design programs, then you can look for the adequate RAM to run the program.

This does not mean that you must have at least 8GB o RAM before your computer works properly.


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What Type Does Your Computer Support?

You will need to open up your computer if you want to know the type of RAM your computer supports.

First, follow the process of how to install the RAM.

you understand how to open the computer and locate the RAM.

Installing The Memory On Your Computer

Computer Memory Upgrade

How to upgrade the memory of your desktop computer

Upgrading the memory of your computer is one of the easiest ways to make it run faster.

Before you do computer memory upgrade, make sure that you have the memory that is compatible with your computer.

Now to begin with:

Get a screw driver and make sure that you ground yourself, one easy way to do that is to touch an unpainted metal surface.

Shut down the computer and unplug every other cable from the back.

Remove one side of the case using the screw driver, to see the internal part of the computer.

When you see the motherboard, locate the memory and the memory slots; mostly two or four slots.

Pull the lock holding the memory outwards to remove it.

And to replace the memory:

Take note of the alignment on the memory you want to put into the slot.

Make sure it goes along with the alignment of the slot.

You will hear a snap sound when put the memory into the slot.

Replace and screw back the side panel.

Plug the cables back and power on your computer.

In most cases, you will hear a sound when the computer is booting.

Don’t worry, just accept the changes and continue.

It is a sign that the computer has noticed a memory change.


How to upgrade the memory of your desktop computer

Get a new memory and follow the information below.

Disconnect the adapter from your laptop and remove the laptop battery.

After you remove the battery, release every other electrical charge on your laptop by holding the power button for few seconds (5-8 maximum).


You open up the back panel of our laptop. Take note of how you open up the panel so that you won’t mix things up when you are closing the panel.

Unscrew all the screws holding the panel.

The screws can get lost easily, make sure you keep them properly.

After you have opened up the panel, locate the RAM section and remove the memory carefully.

In most cases, there will be a simply mechanism that will pull the memory out for you.

To put the new one:

Place the new memory into the slot where you remove the old one at about 45-degree angle.

Then press down the memory gently.

That’s all.

Put back the panel and screw it up.

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