3 Common Computer Network Problems And How To Fix Them
September 14, 2017

You power up your computer one morning and you try to visit a website but you noticed that you don’t have internet access. What will you do?

This post contains few of the common computer network problems and how to fix them. So let’s get started.

computer network problems

Frequent Network Connection Failure

You will see this problem in a wire network if a cable is physically damaged or in rare cases, the cable is not plugged properly.

So, the solution to this, make sure the cables are properly connected to their appropriate ports and if the problem persists, that means the cable is physically damaged somewhere and you need to replace the cable.

If it is a wireless network, check you access point and finally your router. Verify all the settings on these two devices especially the router.  Check the cool spot on the router also.

Connected but can’t access the internet

You look at the network icon on the task bar and it says “internet access” yet you cannot access the internet. Or you see a window informing you that you have limited or no connectivity issue.

Don’t be worried this post explains how to fix computer network problems.

One of the common solutions to this kind of problem is to reset the TCP/IP stack. Open the command in an elevated mode if you can and type this code:

netsh int ip reset C:\logreset.txt

Then press enter.

Elevated mode is simply running the command line interface as an administrator.

If this simple fix does not work, you can reset the network adapter settings in your control panel. Read this post on how to fix windows wireless not connecting issue.

Here are more codes you can type into the command prompt to help you fix the no connectivity problem.

netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled

netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled

netsh int tcp set global rss=enabled

note that after typing each command, you will need to hit enter.

 Last Computer Problem Is IP Conflicts

Have you seen a situation whereby everything about setting up IP address on a computer will be correct and every computer on the network will be working fine except two computers?

The main cause of this problem is that you use the same IP address for two computers. It happens once in a while and if you have not experienced it before it is good to know that such problem exists.

The simple solution here is to give the computer a new IP address. You can see this problem if previously you were using static IP configuration on your network but, you enabled the DHCP feature on your router recently.

Just go to the computer and change the IP settings to DHCP. On the router as well, you should make sure that static IP address are not part of the IP address pool

Please use the comment box below to share the computer network problem you have experienced and how you got rid of it.

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