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8 Digital Marketing Facts
August 14, 2017

The world of technology is improving that after day and with this daily increase in technology, digital marketing is not lagging behind especially with use of mobile phones. In this article, you will enjoy the digital marketing facts of recent times. Watch out, you can see some huge surprises. According to a report on Bluewolf, […]

Today’s post on PCMoment contains tips and question you should ask an SEO expert service before your hire them. What Is Their Strategic Process? The service should be able to tell you some the strategies it will use on your site. Don’t fall into any guarantee, SEO does work but don’t let anyone tell you […]

5 Digital Marketing Hacks
August 11, 2017

Give your business an edge in this year using these digital marketing hacks. Marketing has gotten to the stage whereby you can find your customers everywhere and on every platform. Make use of these hacks and you will see some positive improvement on your marketing efforts. Publish Evergreen Contents Not only that evergreen content usually […]

Are you interested in guerrilla marketing? Well we are here to help. But you are probably wondering: what exactly is guerrilla marketing? It is the unconventional method of promoting product and services. This type of marketing relies on personal interaction, focuses on small group of promoters and it is cheaper than traditional marketing. There are […]

What Is PPC (Pay Per Click)
August 2, 2017

SEO is a good way to get better search engine ranking. But the best SEO strategy takes time to get the result you want. In most case, SEO strategies takes more than six months to get to page one of search engines and… After that, you still have to put in more work if you […]

Digital marketing can be a very difficult thing especially for starters but… … it does not have to be difficult as it seems. This digital marketing for dummies article will serve as a huge foundation for you. You will find the basic info that you need in a simple and concise form.   Digital marketing […]

Digital marketing is one of the best ways to market your products and services in the modern world. It will be a huge advantage if you know how to carry out effective digital marketing. Today, you will see how to create a digital marketing strategy for social media marketing, and search engine marketing. And how […]