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Computer Tricks

Light House Networks Home Security & Control represent their own new system for home control that promises safety in business, comfort, control, automation, and management. With safety and control applications, the beacon sensors can be extended to receive and manage the system in peace of mind. This is the reason why you should be aware […]

I expect you to know this article is on how to disable NPAV antivirus and not how to uninstall it. If you want to uninstall, that is quite simple. Locate the control panel on your computer and go to install and uninstall programs. You don’t need 10 ways on how to disable a program. On […]

Notepad Tricks (8 Cool Hacks)
October 11, 2017

You can say that notepad does not have design effects like MS word and other word processing programs but it is a very useful tool for writing basic programs. You can use it to write some simple texts and old programming codes like VB, HTML etc. As a windows user, you can use it to […]

3 Cool Funny Computer Tricks
August 10, 2017

Hi, Welcome to PC Moment. Today you will see top 3 funny computer tricks you should do on your friend’s PC. Oh! Sorry it isn’t 3 but 5, So, Enjoy. Funny Dummy Hacking Trick In this funny trick, you will act as if you are hacking into your friend’s computer. Open the notepad text editor […]

6 Cool Mobile Hacking Tricks
August 1, 2017

You will learn some life and mobile hacking tricks in this article. Enjoy:) Simple Hack To Increase The Volume Of Your Phone This is very simple to do but, the result is awesome. Get a cup, it may be a glass cup or a metal cup. Play a music or any audio from your phone […]

Quick Ethical Hacking Tricks
July 31, 2017

You will learn how to hack a home or office router using port scanner. Before you read further: It is important for you to note that this tutorial is for educational purpose  only…. For you to know how you can strengthen the security of your router. Do you know that there are thousands of routers […]

You want to know what meaning of computer network exploitation and: It’s techniques and methods. But right now you don’t know all that. All the answers you need to your questions are here on this page. Just keep reading. The Meaning Of Computer Network Exploitation When an individual take some certain steps in other to […]

Programming tricks are some of the most amazing computer tricks. And the important part is: These tricks will serve as addition to your programming knowledge. Explained below are 5 JavaScript Computer Tricks.   Number One Mouse-Over Prompt Do you know what a mouse-over is? If you don’t, it is simply what will happen when you […]

There are so many computer tricks that you can use in your day to day interaction with the computer. But the truth is: You don’t really need all of them, just the important ones. In this PC moment post, you will learn 5 computer tricks everyone should know. Let’s get started.   How To Wipe […]