Case Sensitive Vlookup (STEP BY STEP IN EXCEL)

Where and how do I use case sensitive vlookup? The easiest way to use the vlookup in excel is to use it to call for a specific value from a list of values. You don’t usually need it to return a case sensitive value. But in an instance where you need to return a value in a range of values with different cases, I bet that you will need case sensitive vlookup.

Case Sensitive Vlookup And Other Magics

In a scenario where you have a mixture of text values (both upper and lower), and you need to look up a value from this range. This is the way to go about it.

Use this readymade formula- I will explain it soon. Paste the almighty formula into your vlookup result cell and hold ctrl and shift then hit enter. There is nothing stopping you from getting the answer. =INDEX(C2:C11,MATCH(TRUE,EXACT(E2,B2:B11),0))

For your information, E2 is the value you want to look for. B2 to B11 (B2:B11) is where you want to perform the lookup on. And C2 to C11 column is where the result will be displayed.

Case Sensitive Vlookup