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8 Digital Marketing Facts
August 14, 2017

digital marketing facts

The world of technology is improving that after day and with this daily increase in technology, digital marketing is not lagging behind especially with use of mobile phones. In this article, you will enjoy the digital marketing facts of recent times. Watch out, you can see some huge surprises.

According to a report on Bluewolf, 90% of businesses use social media sites to respond to complaints from their customers. But 58% of consumers will not get any response when they send a complain.

When a business produces more than 10 posts on their site, they see increase in sales leads of up to 55%.

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I mentioned at the introduction that mobile phones are not lagging behind, do you know that mobile phone contributed up to 48% of email open rate. But the sad thing is less than 12% of emails are actually made for phones.  69% of mobile users delete these mails.

Many adults, 46% actually, usually search item on their mobile before making a purchase on their computer.

Most consumers prefer watching a video to reading a text on a product. Most marketers are now making videos on their products.  Video ads will improve by 50 % in 2019.

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Spam cell phone marketing calls and text is up to 70% and more than 20% of users get this kind of messages nothing less once in a week.

There is increase in cross-device usage and as a marketer; you are leaving money on the table if you don’t utilize this opportunity. Based on a report from DMA, most users now use around 5 devices.

If you have good rapport with your consumers, it will definitely affect your sales. When consumers are familiar with the person that sends them a mail, it increases the chance of getting an open rate by 42%

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