6 Tips On How To Hire SEO Expert Service
August 11, 2017

seo expert service

Today’s post on PCMoment contains tips and question you should ask an SEO expert service before your hire them.

What Is Their Strategic Process?

The service should be able to tell you some the strategies it will use on your site. Don’t fall into any guarantee, SEO does work but don’t let anyone tell you what is not.

You need to know the estimated time it will take the service to give you the result you want.


Get Information About Their Current And Past Clients

According to Vanessa Fox (a Seattle-based SEO software provider), sharing some info about their past and current employers shouldn’t be a problem for good SEO expert service.

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The Tactics They Use White Hat Or Black Hat

You need to be careful with an SEO Expert Service that boasts about the first spot on search engines.

This service might be cheating the search engines with Black Hat SEO strategies.

In some case, these kinds of strategies can push a site to the first page of search engines in a record time but the ultimate end is de-index.

If you don’t know what that means; you will be remove from the search engines after a while.

seo expert services

Can They Rank Your Site In Local Results

In most cases, local searches are important for small and local businesses but there is nothing stopping from wanting the same thing as well.

As a brand you will want to be known in your area even if that is not your target. The SEO expert service you will hire should be to that for you. 

What Is PPC (Pay Per Click)

Will they be giving you the reports?

A good SEO expert service will want to know you current status and as well the amount of traffic you are receiving at the moment.

It is from the knowledge of the current situation that the service will determine what to do in order to move your site forward.


How Much Will They Charge You And Payment Terms

Money is key in every business, how much will you be paying for the service. Will they do the work base on project or you will retain them.

Know that the most common form of SEO expert service is project based, but you may want to retain them base on the plan you have for your business. According to a research on about 600 SEO service, the range of price is $1000 to $7500 (Project based SEO expert service).

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