5 Digital Marketing Hacks
August 11, 2017

Digital Marketing Hacks

Give your business an edge in this year using these digital marketing hacks. Marketing has gotten to the stage whereby you can find your customers everywhere and on every platform.

Make use of these hacks and you will see some positive improvement on your marketing efforts.

Publish Evergreen Contents

Not only that evergreen content usually stand the test of time, this kinds of content will also continue to bring you money and rank in search engines. It is better than short leave content that you will be generating every while.

Don’t get tired of evergreen content because most of your visitors will be seeing it for the first time. You have nothing to lose, just publish it and leave it there.

Don’t Watch Them Leave

Do some research on the number of visitors that actually leave your site without buying anything. There are many techniques to keep these kinds of people on your site. Things like exit pop, exit intent offers and so on.

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Write Lengthy And Quality Articles

There is no dispute about the fact that your visitors and search engines will like posts that are well explained and in-depth. Explain everything that your customer’s will want to know about the topic and they will love you for it.

Another benefit of writing lengthy articles is that it increases your chances of ranking high in Google especially if it is more than 1800 words.

Use Some Viral Ideas

Have you ever asked yourself “what can make a post go viral?” And in the same way, what are the things that won’t make a post go viral? According to this report by a Professor, contents that bring out the emotions of people and that are practical will have high chances of getting shared.

When you produce content that entertain you visitors and also serve as practical guide for them you should be rest assured that they will share you content. Don’t forget to use a simple call to action also. Share this post with your friends.

Email Segmentation

When we talk of online marketing, email marketing has the best ROI in the space. A whole 23% of most business sales come from email marketing. Do you know one of the secrets, these businesses segment their email.

This simple segmentation is use to group email contact into sections based on the interest, purchasing power of the contacts. You don’t get this data in a day; it is a gradual process that is facilitated with good customer interaction. After some time you will understand what they want and how to give it to them.

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