5 Computer Tricks That Everyone Should Know
July 24, 2017

There are so many computer tricks that you can use in your day to day interaction with the computer.

But the truth is:

You don’t really need all of them, just the important ones.

In this PC moment post, you will learn 5 computer tricks everyone should know.

Let’s get started.


  1. How To Wipe Your Desktop In A Second

computer tricks everyone should know-Blank desktop

Do you know that you can hide everything on your desktop?

As in taking away all the icons and leaving only the background.

I have used this trick to freak a lot people.

This is how to do it:

Right click on your desktop and drag the cursor to view.

You will see some options.

Uncheck show desktop icon, usually the last option there.


Everything on your desktop will disappear.

To bring them back:

Just check show desktop icon.

You can use this trick to do a lot of good things depending on your imagination.

Even if you don’t find it useful, you can use it to help someone.

There was a day someone came to me complaining that all the files on his desktop is gone.

I knew he mistakenly uncheck show desktop icon.

After I helped him out, he was like…

… “oh wonderful, if I have 1 million$ now I would give you”.

Then I say “Hmmm, truly?”

Now let’s go to the next amazing computer trick which is more important and useful.


  1. Activate God Mode On Your Computer.

cool computer tips-God Mode

Do you know that you can do all settings on a windows machine from your desktop?

There is a folder on Windows computer that contain links to all these settings.

With this folder, you can quickly fix any problem you are having because:

The links to all the contents on your windows machine is available…

…to you in an explanatory way.

This folder is called god mode folder and it is hidden.

A note of warning here: Please you are using Windows Vista 64 bit on your computer don’t try this trick.

The easiest way to access this folder is to create a new folder and name it

God Mode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

Then hit enter.

A folder will be created having an icon similar to that of control panel.

And that’s it, just open it the way you’ll open a normal folder.

Now you that you know how to create God Mode folder…

…move on to the next trick on this post.


  1. Share The Problem With Our Best Friend

computer magic tricks-Google your best friend

Do you know the best befriend to all internet users?


It is the big G.


With Google you can solve most computer problems.

So, next time before you dial that IT guy’s phone number, remember…

…to do some little research on the problem you are having maybe you could solve the problem yourself.

The benefit is this:

Your system will be back and running faster and:

 You will feel amazing about yourself.



  1. Spacebar Trick

You can use the spacebar to scroll up and down while reading a post on a website.

Simply hit it once to go down.

Hold the shift key and hit spacebar to go up.

Simple but extremely for someone like me because…

…I like reading and at times I don’t like using the mouse.

So, this trick usually help me out.

And I know it will do the same for you.

The next trick is waiting…


  1. Anti Computer Trick

Yeah, you read the title of this section.

It is not a trick but very useful.

Most of you sit your ass operating the computer for so many hours.


This is not good for our Health.

Sitting with this machine all day is not so good.

That’s all on the computer tricks everyone should know.


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You will love it.

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