3 Cool Funny Computer Tricks
August 10, 2017

Funny Computer Tricks

Hi, Welcome to PC Moment. Today you will see top 3 funny computer tricks you should do on your friend’s PC. Oh! Sorry it isn’t 3 but 5, So, Enjoy.

Funny Dummy Hacking Trick

In this funny trick, you will act as if you are hacking into your friend’s computer. Open the notepad text editor on your computer and paste the code below into it.

Then save the document as ANONIMOUS.BAT

@echo off

color 02


echo %random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%

goto tricks


Surprise Your Friend When You Start A PC

Open control panel and locate system and security. Scroll down to choose schedule task.

Look at you RHS, click on create task and give it any name.  Then go to the next pane which is Triggers click New below, click on the drop down beside On a Schedule and choose At Startup then hit OK.

Go to the next pane, Actions and click New below. Specify the action you want the system to carry out after start up. A nice action will be to display a scary video or sound.

You can do a lot of amazing things with this trick depending on your imagination. You can even set this up on your friend’s PC.

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Funny Trick To Fool People That You Are Famous

You can do this trick on YouTube or any social media site. You will edit the certain part of the site that indicates how popular a particular person is.

For example:

Go to one of your posts on FaceBook and highlight the like section of the post. Right click and select inspect functions.

Locate the number of likes and edit to any number you want and when you are through, close the editor.

funny computer tricks
This video went viral but the mount of views wasn’t up to that. Its cool.

You can also do this trick to increase the number of views a video has or the number of subscribers on a YouTube Channel.

And when you are through, you have three options. 1, you can show it to your friends like that. 2, save the page and show it to your friends later and finally. 3, take a picture of the page and distribute it.

Shutdown A Computer With A Funny Reason

Open up command prompt on your computer and type in shutdown -s -t 180 -c “ YOUR FUNNY REASON GOES HERE” then hit enter.

180 means 3 minutes which indicates that the computer will shut down in 3 minutes’ time.

If you want to cancel the shutdown, type shutdown -a


Change The Click Sound On Your Friend’s Computer

How funny will it be if every click on your friend’s computer is a loud horrible voice? Go to control panel and click on hardware and sound. Click on sound and navigate to the sound pane.

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